SoPurrfect 12 Simple Tips For Getting Great Photos of Your Cat

12 Simple Tips For Getting Great Photos of Your Cat

Cats are adorable and this makes them great subjects for pictures. But they can also be aloof and hard to train, making it difficult to capture them on camera. Take advantage of these tips and tricks to take beautiful pictures of your cat.


Use Backdrops

A backdrop will help you take some amazing professional photos of your cat. Get a material that contrasts with your cat’s coat and place it over the sofa to create a backdrop. Use a backdrop that will bring out its eyes. Plain backdrops are recommended because they do not take attention away from the cat.


Offer Treats and Toys

This is a great way to get its attention. Offer treats first to help the cat to calm down then dangle a toy out of your camera’s view. This will give you a chance to capture the cat as it looks directly into the camera.


Take Several Photos

Take as many pictures as possible and then select the best. You may only get a few good shots but they will be worth it.


Keep Your Camera Ready

Your camera should always be ready and close by if you want to get the best shots of cats. This will allow you to photograph your cat in unexpected situations.


Exploit their Curiosity

Cats have diverse traits but they are all curious. Exploit their curiosity to make your cat do exactly what you want. Rustle some leaves or papers or toss pebbles their way to get their attention.


Be Patient

Patience is crucial when you want to photograph cats. You may have to repeat an action a few times to get them to respond. But do not force the cat to do anything. Cats are quite graceful and beautiful animals and this is exactly what you want to capture. Wait until your cat is in the right mood to get great photos. You do not have to dress your cat up or make her pose in an unnatural way.


Experiment with Camera Settings

Experiment with different settings to get amazing pictures. Start with auto and switch to the manual setting until you find one that works well with your cat and its environment. The manual setting will give you greater control over speed and aperture. This will allow you to take pictures even when there is limited lighting without using a flash.


Photograph after Naps

Photograph your cat just after it wakes up from a nap. This is the best time because the cat is not very active. Your cat is more likely to smile or lean on you after an afternoon nap. You can also wait until the cat is basking in the sun or sitting at the window.


Get to Cat’s Eye Level

Identify a nice spot that will allow you to see and reach your cat. Take pictures while your cat is on the couch or bed to give you a great view. She will be less distracted when you are on the same level. You can also take some bird-eye view photos while the cat is relaxed and lying down.


Capture them at Night

Capture great photos of your cat at night. Use a flash in low light if you have a big camera. Avoid flash if you are using your phone to take pictures. You can also get some additional lighting or use silhouettes to photograph your cat.


Know the Right Angles

You need to identify your cat’s best angles to take beautiful pictures. Some cats do not look great while sitting and this makes it necessary to capture their face only or choose a lying down pose.


Capture Action

Photography your cat when it is in action. You can turn their playtime into a photo session. It may be necessary to get some help for this. You can get a friend to play with your cat while you snap several pictures. This is a great way to capture your pet in its most natural poses.


It may take some practice to get beautiful photographs of your cat. Focus on bringing out the cat’s personality and emotions in the pictures. Use these tips and tricks the next time you want to take pictures of your cat to help you get memorable shots.


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