SoPurrfect A Day In The Life Of A Foster Kitten

A Day In The Life Of A Foster Kitten

Here at SoPurrfect we want you to be able to really be able to know our cats and foster kittens, so we’ve partnered with Melissa at Melissa’s Mocha’s, Mysteries and Meows to introduce our foster kitten Ninja as well as sharing some fostering truths from Shadow and Frosty.

So, without further ado, please welcome Ninja and his story:

Today was a weird and wonderful sort of day. When I woke up, I was taken away from my mom and all my brothers and sisters were split up. Luckily, two of us managed to stay together. I felt really sad, lonely and cold. How would I play my favourite games without them?

We were put in a dark box and these tall, hairless cats that walk on two paws took us. The place they took us was scary at first, but I’ve gotten to explore it now and I feel safer. There is no rain, no wind here, but lots of sun. The ground is really soft and spring-y. It makes it really easy to sharpen your claws on it, but the hairless two-leggers don’t like it when I do that.

There were plenty of places to run and hide and jump… which I did. Lots. They kept using their paws to pick me up… I don’t know how they do that. I thought they must want to get to know me so I kept showing them my bum for me to sniff and they didn’t want to. Those two-leggers are odd.

When I got here there was already a big cat here. Actually, there were two. Shadow and Frosty. They were not very nice. They didn’t like it when I jumped on them. They didn’t like it when I played chase with their tail. They didn’t like it when I chewed on their ears. Getting older must be so boring. They kept jumping up so high and I couldn’t get up there not matter how hard I tried.

Luckily, my brother was here with me and he likes it when I play chase with his tail, chew his ears and run around with him. Once it got dark the two-leggers put on this fake light. I don’t know why, it’s so much better without the light. You can creep, slowly and quietly and then… JUMP!

Every now and then Shadow and Frosty would get down and sit with us. I like it when they do that, but I think they get annoyed with me and my brother. They kept trying to tell us what to do… there was a red light running around on the ground and it was so much fun to chase it. Even Shadow and Frosty liked to chase it. They told us that it is really hard to catch and only the bravest, fastest and smartest cats can ever catch it. One time, I thought that they had caught it – they must be the two most amazing cats I have ever known, other than my mom of course – but when they lifted their paws to see what it was, it was gone. Like it had never even been there in the first place! It was really spooky.

We get lots of food to eat but the best part about this place is that they give us lots of love and pats which feel so good. During the day they give me these dry biscuits… they’re okay if that’s all you have, but at night just before bed time they bring out this special food. You know it’s coming because they keep it in a locked cupboard that no matter how hard you scratch at, it doesn’t open. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s soft and moist and full of flavour. Sometimes chicken, sometimes beef. I know that it is special food just for me and my brother because when Shadow and Frosty try and steal it from us the two-leggers get annoyed. I wish I could keep eating it ALL the time. Evening is always the best time because before we get the “special” food we always get playtime and then my favourite of all, snuggle time with the two legged ones. It’s so warm and comforting, so so good.

It’s been a weird and wonderful sort of day. Now, I’m curled up on the bigger two-leggers. He is nice and warm and I can sit here, purring softly while I fall asleep.

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If you want to hear how Shadow and Frosty got on with me check them out at Melissa’s Mocha’s, Mysteries and Meows. Mudpie did a fantastic job interviewing Shadow and Frosty about how they like me as a foster kitten.

SoPurrfect A Day In The Life Of A Foster Kitten 2

Meow for now… Ninja (the foster kitten)

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