#SundaySelfie Strikes Again – The Kittens

This week all the kittens were much more cooperative with the two-leggers taking photos of them. Dopey, Tiger, Snuggles and Jane all reached their target weight this week so had to (bittersweet-ly) go back to the shelter for their de-sexing surgeries so they can find their furever homes.

They must have known it was a momentous occasion and so they behaved really well when it came time for their final #SundaySelfie.

Please say hello (and good-bye) to:


SoPurrfect Sunday Selfie Dopey


SoPurrfect Sunday Selfie Tiger


SoPurrfect Sunday Selfie Snuggles


SoPurrfect Sunday Selfie Jane

They were so unique and special. Snuggles always thought your nose was dirty and would help you clean it. Dopey would follow you around from room to room, never leaving your side. Tiger would sit up high on your chest and burrow into your neck, kneading and suckling. Jane was sick when we first got her and was so small, but now she’s grown into a fun loving and energetic big kitten.

You will be missed, but luckily, your forever homes are just around the corner.

Thank you to our friends at The Cat on My Head for the Sunday Selfies blog hop.


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Meow for now… Kristian

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