How To Get Your Cat To Stop Scratching The Furniture


How To Get Your Cat To Stop Scratching The Furniture


Have you gotten frustrated when your cat keeps scratching at your carpet and furniture? Very quickly, they start to look dated, old and ugly.

Would you be surprised to know that my cats NEVER scratch at the carpet or scratching post? We have had the same furniture for years and it doesn’t look like cats even live at my house. People are always surprised when the learn that not only do I have 3 cats of my own but I foster kittens for the RSPCA.

In the time I’ve been fostering I have had countless kittens come through my door – all of them start out trying to sharpen their claws on my carpet or furniture, but it is a habit that they stop very quickly.

Most people seem to think that owning a cat means that you are doomed to have furniture that is ruined. I’m here to tell you that is NOT true. You don’t even need to be some kind of magical cat whisperer. This trick is so easy, anyone can do it.


I’ve made a short video. Click below, watch and find out.



Let me know when you have finished the video what you think… and if you like it, don’t forget to share it with your cat lover friends!


Meow for now… Kristian

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