How to Train a Cat to Stop Doing Almost Anything

How to Train a Cat to Stop Doing Almost Anything

Did you know that kittens and cats can be trained? Many people think that bad behaviour is a part of owning a cat. That you should let them scratch your furniture and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Well, i’m here to tell you that just isn’t true!

Here at SoPurrfect we believe that every cat and kitten has good behaviour just waiting to burst out. If you want your cat to behave well later in life then you must begin training them while they’re kittens. It is much easier to train a kitten to good behaviour (like not scratching furniture, or not jumping on counters) than it is to re-train an older cat.

What are the basics of kitten training?

  • being consistent – you need to make sure you are sending them the same message every time. If you don’t they become confused.
  • being timely – if you are going to use a spray bottle, you need to use it immediately when you see the naughty behaviour.
  • lots of positive reinforcement – give your kitten lots of positive attention when you see good behaviour.



One of the most common cat behavior problems is scratching. In order to feed your cat’s natural need to scratch you need to provide him with a scratching post and encourage him to use it. In the meantime, cover the areas that the cat seems to prefer to scratch on. Eventually the cat should take to the scratching post and ignore his old scratching spot.


Using a litter tray

One of the most common cat behavior problems is that your cat is not using the litter box. To fix this you need to get rid of any unpleasantness that might be around the litter box. Since cats value their privacy the first thing to do is put their litter box in a quiet and private place. Also, to let them have their own litter box that no other cats or dogs use. Since cats are clean animals they also refuse to use a dirty litter box. Their litter box needs to be kept clean in order for them to use it. With kittens, you also need to watch out for the “potty dance” where they will start scratching in an area getting ready to go to the litter and you need to pick them up and move them to the spot you want them to use as the toilet.



Do NOT reprimand your kitten during training.

What did most parents do whenever we wronged during our childhood? Instead of punishing us they took their time to teach us on the things we were weak at, and we should similarly do the same to our kittens. Focus on making your relationship interesting, fun, rewarding, and playful. Its cats nature to be excessively active and they usually get destructive when bored. An everyday relaxing massage and play session will help him to keep come. Cats that feel dismissed regularly quit utilizing their litter box however, that can be changed the moment you start paying a lot of attention to them.

If you are going to use a spray bottle then make sure:

  1. You fill it with water only
  2. Spray your kitten only when they are immediately naughty – if the behaviour has stopped DON’T use the spray bottle
  3. Give them plenty of positive attention when they stop the naughty behaviour

Provide a friendly environment for you kitten.

Kittens love to carry on with an independent life. Don’t anticipate that he will welcome you at the door when you arrive home from a long day at work. Do not expect your kitten to sit by your side all the time; they are not so much appreciative to these things. But, once you set up an environment for them that is pretty much independent then you can expect an adjustment in the behavior truly soon.


Reward and treat your kitten

Your kitten cannot not figure out how to do things overnight; be patient with him and take much time training him. The most ideal way kittens figure out how to do things is by rewarding them and positive reinforcement. When he conducts himself in a pleasant way reward him; this will give you more chances to educate your kitten on the things you need him to learn. If he permits you to tie a leash on him or responds to your calling then you should pay him back with a good treat.

Remember timing is everything in rewarding your kitten. Kitten have limited ability to focus, so the reward must come promptly (within seconds) of the conduct or your kitten won’t understand what it’s for.


Kittens or cats in general are to a great extent delightful creatures and their nature makes them interesting to live with. Kitten training may take additional time than training a puppy, but if you are patient enough to accommodate their slow learning progress, you will eventually see the splendid side of your cat pet and trust me it will be worth it.


Is your kitten naughty or nice?


Meow for now… Kristian

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