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How To Make Your Cat A Festive Easter Parade Hat

It’s a tradition you hear about, but in Australia you don’t see much evidence of it, aside from the odd primary school project. Is it something that has died out, or is it something that was never a part of Australian history and culture? We celebrate Easter, but we don’t tend to celebrate it whilst wearing hats!

Step 1

Cut a strip of paper 15 cm long (6 inches) and 5 cm wide (2 inches). Draw a line across the paper length ways and draw a series of triangles. Make sure you leave 1 cm as a glue flap to form a cylinder. Put glue on the 1 cm flap you left and glue your crown into a cylinder shape. Your crown is already looking majestic.

Step 2

Cut out a square piece of paper for your base. Use glue to secure the crown to the base. Once it has dried trim off the excess.

Step 3

Now it’s time to decorate. We used an Easter Bunny and some flowers, you can use gems, flowers, or ribbon. Use glue to attach any decorations and let it fully dry. Let your imagination run wild to create a unique crown.

Step 4

Get your camera ready and snap some photos of your cat or kitten wearing their adorable crown!


Download the printable instructions below.

So why hats at Easter?

Well the tradition appears to have origins in the Christian custom of Easter being the time for new clothes after the fasting of  Lent, and the Church-going notion of wearing your “Sunday Best”, meaning that at Easter your best had to be “better than best” to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

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But there are roots in the more secular and pagan notion of Spring being the time of fertility, new life and rebirth. A time when wreaths of flowers and leaves were worn in the hair to celebrate the cycle of life and the seasons.

The custom of wearing hats at Easter is also tied to the American tradition of The Easter Parade, which emerged in the 1870s after the end of the  Civil War. People were stepping out with positivity in their lives, and would stream out of the churches following the Easter service dressed up to the nines in their best hats. The first Easter Parade was the Fifth Avenue Parade in New York in 1870, which doesn’t appear to have been an organised affair but organically came into being when the beautiful people came out of St Patricks Cathedral and surrounding churches and walked down 5th Avenue.

If you don’t want your cat to miss out on the glamour and festivity of Easter, this Easter crown is easy to make and will make them fit in with all the glamour of the Easter parade.

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Meow for now… Kristian

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Easter cat hat

Make this amazing hat and celebrate Easter with your Cat!

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