SoPurrfect What You Need To Know To Keep Your Cat Off Kitchen Counters

What You Need To Know To Keep Your Cat Off Kitchen Counters

Your cat can be a very lovely and beautiful creature, and you can be very bonded with it, but let’s face it – cats are animals, and you don’t want them on your kitchen counters near your food. Particularly if you are making chicken roast. Cats tend to jump and go everywhere, and you never know what kind of bacteria they can have on their paws. They especially like to jump on the kitchen counters, and this act of theirs can ruin your work. In this article we will give you a couple of tips on how to keep your cat off the kitchen counter.
Kitchen counters have so many enticing reasons, they are sources of food, an ability to sit high (which cats love!) and it appeals to their curiosity. There is something over there, so they want to check it out. The basic tricks is not to punish your cat but create more enticing places for them to spend time. The easiest thing to do to keep your cat off the kitchen counter, is to use double-sided sticky tape. You can put the tape when you are not using the counter, so the cats can’t go up there and make you a mess. You can do the same with sandpaper, which will be very unpleasant for the cat, or with aluminum foil which will create noise when the cat jumps on it.
Since the cats have a very strong sense of smell you can use smell as a way to deter them from their favourite counter spot. You can use some natural ingredients like lavender or peppermint, and mix it with water. This mixture is safe to use and It can’t hurt anybody. With it you can spray your counter and the cat will back off.
The training of your cat is probably the most efficient method of keeping her from your kitchen counter. You need to teach your cat not to jump to the counter, and you need to say a clear, firm “No” to them (without being angry or aggressive). As soon as they jump down, walk over and give them a nice pat and some praise. The best way is to make a safe place for them in your kitchen, so during the time they will get used to go and stay there while you work. You can also teach your cat a trick: on a distinct word or command she must jump off the counter. This way, if she goes up you just say the word and she will get down.
You need to understand your cat, and to find out what is the reason they are getting up on the kitchen counter. Once you find out why, you can fix it up quite easily. Just remove whatever their reason is, and she will stay away from the kitchen counter. If she likes to sit there and enjoy the sun, find an alternative spot. We bought a large cat tower and put it next to the window, this meant that our cats could sit there to enjoy the sun and see out the window and there was no need to climb up onto the counter. The same goes if the reason is food – just clean your kitchen counter, and leave no food remains for her to eat.

You can try some of these tips, and see how your cat reacts, leave us a comment and let us know what works for you!


Meow for now… Kristian 

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