SoPurrfect Common Problems For An Overweight Cat And How To Put Them On a Diet

Common Problems For An Overweight Cat And How To Put Them On a Diet

An overweight cat is more prone to certain health issues than cats with an ordinary weight. Finding out about the potential health issues of overweight cats can make you know why weight reduction is key in avoiding these well-being issues. The following are some common problems for an overweight cat.

Diabetes mellitus(sugar diabetes)

Developments of diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes)is the most widely known complications of overweight cats. Obese cats are more prone to diabetes. Obesity causes an expansion in the discharge of insulin because of the high blood glucose level in the overweight cat. Since there is greater amount of tissue in a overweight cat,demand of insulin increases.When the need for insulin surpass the capacity of the body to create insulin, diabetes mellitus develops. If the requirement for insulin increments over a drawn out period of time, the cells in the pancreas which create insulin can really ‘wear out,’ again bringing about diabetes.


This is the inflammation of the joints and happens in old cats.The onset of this condition can be earlier if your cat is overweight. Joint pain is an excruciating condition and if the cat is overweight the extra weight presses against the joints bringing about more discomfort.

Symptoms of arthritis in an overweight cat are limping and hesitance to move, unreasonable meowing and the cat might be withdrawing his limbs when touched.

Heart Disease

Since the heart of an overweight cat has to pump blood to the extra fat tissues, it is more active. Sooner or later, the heart might be depleted and heart illness can happen.

Heart strokes are more regular in overweight cats than in ordinary weight cats.

Skin Infections

Because of the additional fat an overweight cat may not reach all parts of his body. This means an overweight cat might not groom all parts of his body. Grooming is crucial for cats, as the necessary oils are spread and if the grooming is not there, the cat might have different skin contamination and have either dry or sleek skin.

Breathing Difficulties When Exercising

Because there are fat deposits in the lung region,an overweight cats might have breathing difficulties.

Less Life Expectancy

Less life expectancy is an additional health problem of an overweight cat. Overweight cats live less than cats with normal weight. The lifespan of a cat with typical weight is between 12 to 14 years, while that for an overweight cat may be from 6 to 12 years.

Liver infection (hepatic lipidosis)

The liver stores fat so when a cat is overweight, the extra layer of fat develops in the liver. This is called hepatic lipidosis, and is exceptionally basic in overweight cats. This condition can bring about less liver functionality. It can be vulnerable if the overweight cat, for any reason, does not eat, cuts weight faster, or is stressed.

How to Put Overweight Cats on a Diet

While it is very obvious that your cat will be hungry eternally during this time, you will need to figure out how to control the situation. Neglecting to do as such will increase body weight of your cat. Most cat owners spoil their cats with food. Since numerous cat sustenance things have large amount of fat and calorie in them, a lot of these can transform your cat into an overweight cat. When you know your kitty is getting an all around adjusted diet with sensible measure of treats, you ought to overlook any demands for additional food.

While you might feed your kitty meat, attempt to stay away from starch and fat. Ensure that you don’t feed it scraps from the table. For this to be compelling, each member from your family ought to be informed and be sufficiently trained to avoid feeding it with any additional food. Consult a vet before beginning the eating routine and see whether your cat has other health issues. A crash eating routine can bring about Hepatic Lipidosis in your cat, which is one of the lethal cat health issues.

Have you had to put your cat on a diet?

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