SoPurrfect 3 Easy Tips On How To Make Your Cat Love You More

3 Easy Tips On How To Make Your Cat Love You More

In order for your cat to lead a healthy life, it will need your love and affection. If you love and care for your cat properly, it will love you in return. Here below are the 3 easiest tips on how to make your cat love you more:


Understanding your cat means different things to different people and it involves several different aspects. I don’t mean sitting down and meowing at your cat when they meow at you (though that can be a fun activity for everyone involved). Understanding your cat means the following:

– Embracing your cat’s unique personality

Cats generally have certain common behaviors, but there are considerable variations. For this reason, it is important spend some time with your cat in order to know what it likes and doesn’t like. Getting to know and respecting the personality of your cat is very essential; it will make it love you in return. I foster kittens and each and every kitten that has come into my home has a unique and lovely personality. Some are active and settle in right away, running around and coming up to you for a cuddle. Others take longer to settle into a new environment, they are sweet, shy and absolutely lovely because once they have settled they love to sit on your lap and purr contentedly.

No one type of cat is better than the other and spending some time to understand your cat and their unique traits will go a long way to building a loving relationship.

– Treat your cat as an independent animal

Your cat will certainly rely on your care, but cats have a strong need for personal space and independence. Your cat loves being a pet, but it does not always like interacting with people. This is part of a cat’s nature. Try to strike a healthy balance between playing with it and allowing it to have alone time. This will make your cat love you even more.

If you notice the signs that they need some alone time, don’t begrudge it to them. Everyone needs some quiet, alone time without others around them and cats are no different.

– Don’t punish your cat

If you happen to punish your cat by yelling at it or through any other aggressive way, it will simply run away and be afraid of you. Cat’s don’t have memories so if you are yelling or aggressive towards your cat they will respond the same way, or they will be afraid of you and won’t want to interact with you. If you are disciplining your cat always do it IMMEDIATELY with a gentle but firm tone of voice. Once they have stopped the behaviour that you don’t like, give them a quick pat and use a nice tone of voice to praise them.

– Know your cat’s favorite treats

Your cat will prefer certain foods to others. Find out your cat’s favorite foods and use them to reinforce positive behavior instead of using punishment. Treat your cat to its favorite foods once in a while in order to make it love you. For instance, cooked chicken pieces as well as tuna flakes are some of the most irresistible foods for cats. You can also use this in teaching them new behaviours. Keep their favourite treat and once they do the behaviour you want to see reward them with the treat.


Knowing how to communicate properly with your cat will make a lot of difference in your relationship. It involves several aspects, including the following:

– Learning and respecting the body language of your cat

Cats use body language as a way of communication. This is how they express their fear or trust, among other things. For instance, an arched back, unsheathed claws, as well as upright hair along the spine of your cat means that it feels threatened. Just leave it alone for some time. On the other hand, if it nudges you, it is an indication that it wants to play with you or wants some affection from you. It can also express contentment by curling its tail around you.

Essentially, learning and respecting its body language will make your cat love you.

– Being attentive to your cat’s vocalizations

If your cat is purring, it is expressing love and contentment so you know what you are doing is feeling pretty great for your cat. If it is hissing or growling at you, it is telling you to keep away. If you hear your cat meowing, it is seeking your attention, either expressing hunger or a desire for affection. On the other hand, constant meowing may indicate illness and you may need to take it to a veterinarian. Your cat will communicate with you in a way consistent with their personality style, so keep that in mind when you are trying to understand your cat.

When you respond appropriately to your cat, it will love you more.

– Avoiding prolonged eye contact with your cat

Your cat may find prolonged eye contact threatening. Whenever you see your cat blinking in your presence, it is a sign of trust.

Blinking slowly when you are having direct eye contact with your cat communicates openness and trust, which in turn helps foster a loving relationship.

Taking care

You will probably know what it means to take care of your cat, but read through because some of these may surprise you.

– Keeping it out of danger

Your cat will love you more if you keep it safe and protected. Always make sure your cat has a safe place to sleep, has an easy and unobstructed access to food, feels safe while toileting, and does not feel threatened by other people or animals in your home.

– Cleaning its litter bin regularly

Cats love cleanliness naturally. If the litter box of your cat is dirty, it may run away to another place. It is important to add fresh litter daily and wash the litter box frequently, using water and soap.

– Brushing your cat regularly

Frequent brushing will help keep the skin and coat of your cat healthy, thus preventing matting as well as reducing hair balls and shedding. Grooming is a great way of discovering fleas, lumps, or injuries. It also presents a great opportunity to bond with your cat.

Taking good care of your cat involves a number of other things too. The essence of doing this is to ensure that you form a loving relationship with your cat.

These are some of the tips on how to make your cat love you more. Have we missed any important ones to building a loving relationship with your cat? Leave us a comment and let us know.


Meow for now… Kristian


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