Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Pregnant Cat


Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Pregnant Cat

Whether you’re an owner of a queen, in other words, a feline that’s pregnant, or you decided to adopt a stray cat that’s been confirmed pregnant, you have to learn about feline pregnancy and find out the proper ways of caring for cats that have babies in their wombs. Pregnancy in cats is something that has to be given special attention and care. The following are vital pregnant cat care information and reminders which you have to follow:

See a doctor.

First and foremost, you should head to the veterinary clinic and let the vet take a look at your cat. He or she should do some tests to find out about whether your queen has health problems or none, and also so your pet can be given correct treatment. One of the goals, after all, is for the cat to have a healthy feline pregnancy, not only for its safety, but also for the future kittens’ safety. Part of caring for cats that will become mothers soon is to have them checked up regularly by the vet e.g. once, twice, or more a month.

Food, food, food.

Pregnancy in cats also means that owners should make certain that their queens are given good nutrition and enough fresh water everyday. If you’re feeding good quality cat food to your pet, continue doing that, but, during the last 3 up to 4 weeks of pregnancy, one of the pregnant cat care tips you have to utilize is to add in some good quality kitten food to her diet, in order to let her gain access to more minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, that both she and her babies need. If you’re not sure whether the food on hand that you have is of healthy quality or not, ask the vet for advice on the best brand or variety to feed your queen.

For a healthy and safe feline pregnancy, another advice on caring for cats that are pregnant is to ensure that your cat has enough calcium. In other words, let it have a calcium supplement everyday, as that can prevent eclampsia, and can make her and her future babies healthy. Again, ask the vet about a good calcium supplement for pregnant felines.


The moment of pregnancy in cats also requires a litter box that’s regularly cleaned e.g. everyday, as litter boxes that are left soiled or dirty can result to infections in your cat, which, can also affect the babies in her womb. You should also ensure that her sleeping place is cozy and comfortable e.g. let her lie on some blankets or even a towel – this can also serve as the place where she’ll give birth.

Unlike your kittens and grown up cats, pregnant cats need lots of care and attention with regards to food, resting place, vitamins, medication and other needs. As pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure her welfare and health during this stage. Be sure to make her feel comfortable to reduce the stress level in her body. Keep in mind that cats are pregnant at about 63 or 65 days, thus in that short period of time, lots of changes occur inside her womb. In this span of time, you should be vigilant and overly observant to ensure her safety all the time.

Moreover, make sure to bring her to the veterinarian to have her health check and assessed. Most often, vets give additional vitamin supplements for added nutrients needed to sustain the unborn kittens inside her body. At this stage, she will have to eat not only one meal, but you should give her larger portions of food at about three or more times a day. Do not forget to ask the veterinarian as to how long you are required to give her additional vitamins and minerals in her meals. Like human beings, you should give her added calcium needed in the development of unborn kitten’s bones.

Minimize stress.

Be sure to keep the pregnant cat away from stressful situations and danger in the later stage of pregnancy to avoid premature birth and bleeding. Moreover, it is in this stage of pregnancy that you need to give extra love and attention to calm her and to prepare her for motherhood.

During the delivery, be vigilant and watch for any signs of discomfort, pain or bleeding, otherwise, bring her to the veterinarian immediately. At this stage, she needs to undergo a cesarian birth not only to save your cat and kittens inside her womb a well.

These are some of the pregnancy cat care pointers every cat owner should become aware of and apply specifically when they have confirmed that their cats are ‘soon to be moms’.


Have you had the joy of a pregnant cat?

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