Keeping Your Cat Cool in Summer


Keeping Your Cat Cool in Summer

Whenever you bring a new pet at your home, you already have a picture of what life will be with them. Everyone wants to love their pets. They want to do everything to make their life easier and smooth. And having a furry friend cat in your life brings lot of happy moments. But, remember, that summer (particularly in Australia!) might hurt your small friend.

Mostly people bring cats for their companion, affection, and love. A hot summer day can make your cat suffer from dehydration, heatstroke and even shock. Nobody wants to see their cat in trouble. When it comes to humans they can sweat and feel relaxed but your cat can’t sweat and they struggle to feel comfortable.

So, how do you cool your cat down? There are many methods to cool your cat at your home.


Make sure you give them lots of fresh water containers. You can even give them some frozen ice treats using tuna, or other cat healthy snack. Just fill a container with water, add some treats and pop it in the freezer. They will get a lot of joy out of licking and nibbling the frozen ice block to get to the treat!

Sun safety

Cats can get sunburnt just like humans. Make sure you keep their sun baking time to morning or late afternoon and avoid the hot sun between 12-3pm (just like you would!). If they have an exposed nose you can even buy some animal friendly zinc. Keep them indoors on hot days, or make sure they have a shady shelter they can escape to if they are an outdoor cat.


If you have a cat with extra-long fur make sure you brush them regularly to help them get rid of any extra fur. This will minimise hairballs, but also help keep them cool. Some people even like to shave their cats in summer.

Cool house

If you have fans or air conditioning at home you may use this to keep yourself cool, but it will have an added bonus of cooling your cat down as well.


Playing games is important for cats mental health, but on the really hot days you may find they don’t like to play as much. Games that may be good in the heat involve chasing ice cubes on the floor.

Cool rooms

Bathrooms and kitchens are often favourite places on a hot day because the tiles are much cooler for your cat than other spaces. This is okay. Let them rest in these rooms as it may be very beneficial to them.


Never, ever leave your pet alone in a car. Even on a mildly hot day car temperatures rise quickly and your cat could die. Even if it is only for a “few minutes” while you run to the store it can be very unsafe and have deadly consequences.


Any other tricks?


Meow for now… Kristian

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