The Shy Explorer - Finnigan


The Shy Explorer – Finnigan

Finnigan came to us as a solo kitten. Usually, we get pairs (or more!) and they can play with each other and explore together. Finnigan was a solo foster kitten. He was so shy and would just sit quietly under the couch. Sometimes, we thought we would never get him to open up.

One day, we couldn’t find him anywhere! We were so worried. We looked in all his favourite hiding spots – under the couch, behind the fridge, under the stove – and yet, we still couldn’t find him. Until we walked into another room and there he was out of his hiding spot following behind us. From that day on, any time we would go into another room he would run out and follow us. Never wanting to be left behind.

The Shy Explorer - Finnigan

Finnigan loved to be snuggled deep inside his cat cushion. Or sitting up high on the cat scratcher watching the birds go by.


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Meow for now… Kristian


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