Happy Birthday Kitty!

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Do you remember the first time you brought home your kitty? If you don’t, you better start scanning your Facebook timeline or Instagram pictures, and pinpoint the exact date of when your kitty started living with you. Why? It’s because you’re throwing him or her a birthday party, silly!

It may be odd for non-pet lovers to consider birthdays, but it’s kind of a thing, and for cats, the cutest. If you could just imagine those widened naive eyes when everyone in the party yells, “Happy Birthday!” or worse, you’re gonna have to get her back after she jumps and hides under the bed.

Throwing your kitty a birthday party is probably the most adorable thing in world. Not only are you showing your kitty how much you value him or her in your life, you’re also making time to celebrate and remember those cuddly and purry moments with your feline partner.

A birthday party for your kitty is perfect for mingling with other feline lovers. This party could also be the best time for your kitty to meet new friends.

Choosing a place

Throwing a party at a park or at the beach is probably not a good idea. As much as possible, you’d want a place where you can entertain guests without worrying the celebrant to stray away. A penthouse party is definitely a risky choice. The best place would be your own home, where everything you may need is within the premise.  What is important when choosing a place is to consider crowd controlability, guest accessibility and safety for the kitties.

Preparing the food

It is important that the food you’ll be having in this party are friendly to the kitties. Don’t forget, it’s your kitty’s birthday, so everything is about the feline celebrant.

A good idea when serving the food is to have two settings: one for humans and one for the kitties. On the human’s table, you can serve the food you want to serve your family, friends or guest. On the kitties’ small table, you can serve the best feline dishes there is in the cookbook. What is important is to keep the table close to the ground enough for the kitties to have access on it; a picnic-like setting would be a good idea for the kitties.

Decorating the room

The decoration mainly depends on what kind of party you’re throwing your kitty. It can be a tea party, a slumber party or a cocktail party. Whatever it is, you must never forget the essentials of any birthday – balloons.

The fun and games

If kids are attending the party, you may want to have games. In a cat birthday party, mostly the people are the ones playing card games or pin-the-tail on a donkey, or in this case, a dog. You can go stylish by decorating cupcakes, or techy by playing Wii or Xbox.

Picking your guestlist

In a birthday party, everyone close is supposedly invited, but you may want to be careful if one of them is allergic to kitties. You wouldn’t want constant sneezing to be the fireworks in the party.

Another way of picking your guests could be your neighbors who love or have kitties of their own. And while you’re at it, why not invite your feline social group in Facebook. It could be a great chance for you and your kitty to finally get to know them and their kitties personally.

At the end of the day, the choice to throw a party for kitty’s birthday is within your own budget and time. Having your kitty’s day as something to remember in the future is what’s more important.

Don’t forget to blow a candle for him and take that obligatory selfie while doing so!

Meow for now… Kristian

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