Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder

Is your kitty fond of toilet paper or tissues? Do they unroll toilet papers or pull out an entire box of tissue? Although it may be rather fun and cute to see them wrapped in tissue but it may lead to many undesirable things. But what is the explanation behind this behavior?

Our dear feline companions are highly active and demand a lot of activities each day to drain out their pawsome energy, if they don’t have anything to do, they will try to find random things to do within your house for entertainment.

But not all things they find entertaining may have the same effect for us. Our kitties find it entertaining to play with a roll of toilet paper or a box of tissue because it gives them excitement from unrolling or unboxing a load of tissue and shredding it to a million pieces. And perhaps, once every piece of tissue has been pulled out from the box, they will fit themselves inside. Their curiosity and playfulness may lead us, feline lovers, to replace certain items in the house to make it a better place for them to live in. Fear not, there are simple ways that may help to keep your kitty from terrorizing your roll or box.



For tissue boxes, there is only one primary point of entry for cats and exit for tissue. Blocking this by putting something on top, or perhaps, turning the box upside down will prevent the curious kitty from reaching in and pulling all the tissue out.



The best way to safe guard your toilet roll is to use an elastic band or hair band and wrap it around the toilet roll. That way, it cannot easily be pulled and unrolled by your kitty plus it’s cheap and simple.


Aversive Spray

Although not everyone may be a fan of this, but using aversive sprays on the tip of a toilet paper roll, or perhaps putting a piece of tissue with aversive spray on top of a box of tissue will discourage your feline companion from even approaching your tissue paper.


It’s a Trap!

Since ancient times, it has been a custom to set up traps to keep felines away from food or property. We can apply that knowledge to this scenario, but in a safe and friendly manner. You can balance a cup of water on top of a box of tissue, that way, when the kitty tried to reach in, it will tumble the water down, not only making a sound that can scare the kitty away, but the water will ultimately discourage your kitty from doing it.


Fun and Games

We all know that cats need playtime and attention from us. The number one cause for this phenomenon to take place is BOREDOM. Just like us, cats get bored as well. Given the right amount of play time which can attract their interest and energy will make your kitty easily forget about playing with the toilet paper.

So there you have it, you can take some of these suggestions in case your kitty is fond of terrorizing your toilet paper. But among all suggestions, nothing beats the attention and fun that you spend with your feline friend. Both of you can get bored, why not get rid of boredom together?


Meow for now… Kristian

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The Baker Cat

The Baker Cat

Our feline companions are mysterious, fascinating, and curious. One of the curious things that our kitties do is kneading. That thing they do with their paws that they tend to push in and out against a soft surface. Others even call it, “making biscuits” as the cat looks like it is kneading dough. But most feline lovers are not aware as to what this really means or why cats even do this. Let us find that out today.

Multipawl Reasons

            Generally, it would seem that kneading is a relaxing thing for cats. Many will purr contentedly, zone out, and even drool while doing it. Unfortunately, there is no certain reason why this activity takes place, but there are many “pawsible” reasons that may just explain why.

A soft place to sleep. Long ago, feline ancestors didn’t have kitty beds or cushions. They would sleep in grassy areas, but before they go to sleep, they would knead on the grass to make a soft place for them to sleep. It is very possible that this is hard wired to our kitty genes that even until today, they would still knead mostly before sleeping.

Contentment or stress reliever. A “kneady” kitty is a happy kitty. Cats tend to knead more when they are happy or when they have previously been put under stress. Which lead experts to believe that this may be a way for cats to show contentment or to relieve stress.

Kneading their mommy kitty. One theory that may be a possible cause for this phenomenon is that kitties were separated from the mommy kitty too soon. Kittens would knead on their mothers as they suckled. Because they were separated from the mother too early, they tend to bring the kitten habits with them while they grow up.

A territorial display. When a cat kneads on a surface, their scent gets left behind, this is because they have sweat glands on their paws. This would explain why it is possible that our feline friends do this to mark their territories.

Lap Saving Tips

Although kneading is very relaxing for cats, it may not have the same effect towards our things and especially, us.  When cats knead, most of the times, their claws are out, which would scratch the surface or the lap they are kneading on. Here are a few tips that you can use to let your cat continue to “make biscuits” without suffering from being the dough.

  • Trim your cat’s claws Don’t cut below the quick as this will hurt our dear kitty.
  • Teach your cat where to knead. The moment it starts kneading, gently move it by properly carrying it by both of your arms, with one arm supporting the entire weight of the kitty from below, and place it on the scratching post or wherever you want the kneading process to take place.
  • A simple toy or by petting your kitty should distract the kneading process.
  • A thick cloth or blanket should cover your legs when the kneading begins.
  • Never punish your kitty for kneading, it’s in their system and cats don’t react well to negativity. Cats have strong feelings too, you know.
  • Declawing is never the answer to this. This process is very painful and dangerous to kitties.

When all is said and done, we actually are not able to fully understand kneading and why exactly they do it. But why worry about it? Isn’t it bliss to see your beloved kitty doing something that relaxes them? Plus, it’s cute to see them knead an imaginary dough.


Meow for now… Kristian

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Will for your Pet

Will for your Pet

Life is as fickle as the weather. It is unpredictable and we never know what will happen next. Have you ever thought of what would happen to your kitty if something should happen to you? When you get sick and would need to be hospitalized, you have doctors and nurses to take care of you, but what about your kitty? Is someone watching over them to make sure that they have something to eat? Each year, there are a lot of people that gets sick or even die, leaving millions of pets at home without anyone taking good care of them.

But you can help ensure that this does not happen to your kitty. You can have your pet looked after by including him or her in your will, power of attorney documents, and by ordering a free pet emergency card.\

Pet Emergency Card

In times where you are not able to get back home because of an emergency, the pet emergency card can be easily seen in your wallet, alerting your responders that you have a valued pet at home waiting for you that needs to be taken care of. The back of the card lets you write the name of your pet and who to contact for care as well.

You can order a pet emergency card by sending an email to [email protected].

Power of Attorney and Guardian

If something unexpected happens, your Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents can be of big use for your kitty.

Your attorney can decide on the money that needs to be invested for the care of your kitty and he or she is also allowed to enter your house to check on your feline friend in times that you are not able to do so.

The enduring guardian, or the person designated on your will to look after your kitty will be able to make decisions on the services and accommodation that your kitty will need when your presence is not available.

Your Will

If we get the chance before we die, most of us would take the time to think about the things that we leave behind on earth and to whom we should leave it to. Your kitty should not be an exception to this. You can ensure that someone is looking after your feline companion through your will. You can state specifically as to who will take care of your cat when you pass, leave some money for your kitty as well, or you can donate some money to an animal charity with a request to look after your kitty. It’s all about setting up a trust for your kitty’s care.

When you set up a trust for your kitty, think about these points;

  • A dependable trustee who will uphold the terms of the trust
  • A reliable caretaker or guardian that can look after your kitty
  • Written details about your kitty and veterinary documents as records for the one to care for your kitty to know about your kitty’s history.
  • Leaving funds for the trust to ensure that your kitty is taken care of for the rest of its lifetime.

Never forget about your kitty or pets in general, because even if you are no longer with them, they most certainly will not forget about you. Take the time to make the necessary arrangements to ensure your kitty’s lifetime.


Meow for now… Kristian

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