We know you pet owners can’t wait to get your paws—er, hands—on them from reading the title alone and are struggling to contain yourselves. If you’re looking for reasons to justify not buying at least one or two pieces, this isn’t that kind of article. Though we’re not lobbying for you to go out and buy them right away, but we really should, you’ll find this collection more tantalizing than you imagined. That’s without us even trying to convince you. Did we mention there are accessories too? Insert knowing nod here.

Made to Integrate with Your Current Living

The good news is you don’t have to throw out any IKEA furniture you have. The bad news is, if you’re fighting off the urge to splurge on your pet, we can feel your resolve slowly slipping. This collection of special pet items called “Lurvig,” which is Swedish for hairy, are designed, not just to stand on their own, but are suited to go together with the rest of your home, particularly IKEA furniture.

Tired of seeing frays of wood on your table legs from your cat’s scratching? Now, you can compromise. The scratching mat was made to wrap around them perfectly. Also, the cat house can easily fit in your furniture to look almost like another compartment on a shelf. You can also have it raised with its own set of legs to give it some height, just the way your cat loves it. Then use it as another table or stand and place a decor on top like a potted plant, a lamp or books. It can also fit perfectly into its namesake shelf, Kallax. The play tunnel is compact and can easily fit under your dining table so it doesn’t get in the way…

You won’t need to compete with space on your couch anymore. Your pets can have their own. Yep, you read that right. It’s stylish and minimalist, too. If you feel it’s spoiling them a bit too much, just go straight to the pet bed. It’s comfy and attractive enough to look great in any part of your home whether next to your couch or by your bed. One pet owner even bought it for their bunny and posted it on Instagram. Think about it, if their bunny looked adorable on it, imagine how your cat would look lounging there.


IKEA pretty much got everything covered. They have leashes, beds, sofa covers, blankets, travel bags and a cat toy. Before you take that trip down to your IKEA store, you need to muster every ounce of self-control or put yourself in danger of going on a big shopping trip for your pet. Then there are the usual tempting furniture you can buy for yourself, too.

For pet parents living outside of Japan, US, Canada, Portugal, and France, you won’t have the same struggle as the collection is only available in the aforementioned countries. For now. In the meantime, here’s to a more pet-loving, pet-welcoming business community, the ingenuity of a few who started what looks to soon be a revolution and to the day when this collection is global.


Meow for now… Kristian

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