As cat lovers, we tend to have feline instincts ourselves as well. Feline instincts to take photos of our feline friends and show the world just how cute and adorable our kitties are. I bet you’ve tried taking a picture of your kitty once or twice and noticed that it can be quite difficult, right? Cats have nothing to do with photo shoots and cameras. They just want to live their lives as they please. But fear not, here are a few things that you can bear in mind for you to be able to get that prized shot.



That is the number one virtue that you need to have when you think about taking pictures of your kitty. Patience! Sure, cats may just lounge around your house the entire day, but once the camera or phone is spotted, your feline friend may suddenly seem to be camera shy. Changing positions, covering the face with their paws, or even just walking away. But with patience, you will find that it truly is worth the wait.

Feline Director

Your kitty is the director of this photoshoot. Don’t choose the spots or scenery; let your feline friend do it. It’s a photo of her, so let her choose where she wants the picture taken. Snap a stealthy photo while kitty is comfortable, that way, by the time she notices the camera, you would have had an adorable picture of her already.

Meet Halfway

Bear in mind that great photographers would go through different positions to get that perfect snap shot. The same applies to this scenario. Drop on the floor and take a picture at your kitty’s eye level. Not only will this attract your kitty, but also, looking down on your kitty might distort the photo that you are trying to capture. Unless if that is your original intention.

Keep an Eye on the Background

Background changes everything. Sure, your kitty may be striking an awesome pose, but what about the dirty laundry behind that pose? Not all background stuff can be cropped or edited. Check online and you’ll see what I mean. An awesome feline doing an awesome pose deserves an awesome background.

Bribery is a Good Policy

Bribery can come in different forms for a cat. From treats to catnip, use anything within your arsenal that can catch the attention of your kitty and make her go the direction that you want her to. Just make sure that nothing can harm your kitty while doing this.

Two Heads are Better than One

It’s no easy task to dive into cat photography. So call a friend and two of you can work on it. One can distract kitty, while the other takes snaps of photos.

Flash Photography

The use of flash photography can go two different ways. And none of them are easy. First, it may startle your cat which would leave a scar in your feline companion’s memory to avoid cameras. The other would be triggering your cat’s curiosity. When your cute ball of fur sees the flash, they can be attracted to it and once they get curious, it is really hard to stop them from investigating. This may get you good close up pics, but it would make lounging or portrait photos a tad more difficult. So avoid flash photography.

One of a Kind

Every cat is one of a kind. All are unique and have different preferences. For some cats, treats may work and get them to do cute poses, but it may not work for others. So don’t hesitate to experiment. Get to know your cat more while doing a photo shoot. This will draw both of you closer.

You know your cute furball better than anyone else. Doing a photoshoot will let the world know the beauty of the relationship you have with your kitty. Don’t be afraid to look weird. Cats do weird things to grab our attention, why don’t we do the same to grab theirs?

Meow for now… Kristian

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