They say that the dog is a man’s best friend. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Matthew Flinders.

Matthew Flinders is a cartographer and navigator who literally put Australia on the map with the help of his buddy Trim the cat.

As a small kitten, Trim fell overboard but managed to scramble back up on the ropes. This display of bravery wooed Flinders and the crew and is the reason why he quickly became the ship’s favourite. From then on, he became Captain Flinders’ companion and best friend. And, together they made other discoveries across the high seas.

Traveling around the world is undeniably exciting, so much more when it is done with a friend or even your beloved pet. Like Matthew Flinders, you can now make that dream come true with these breeds of kitties.


  1. The Japanese Bobtail

If you’re a lone traveller who wants cuddly company, you’d definitely like a breed like the Japanese Bobtails. They emit confidence and intelligence like no other which makes them easy to train. They’re also known for their chattiness through their chirps and soft meows. Think Dr Seuss’ curious and talkative Cat in a Hat, but with meows.


  1. Chantilly

A busy bee like yourself would probably want a breed like the Chantilly to travel with. They’re calm and easy-natured which makes them good travel buddies. If you love going to the great outdoors, you’ll be happy to know that these cats are resilient and low maintenance.


  1. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Folds are fondly called “owls in a catsuit” because of their folded ears. They are laid back, sweet-tempered and affectionate by nature. They also enjoy napping on your lap or flopping on their backs as they sleep. You can travel to a lot of continents with this breed of kitty as they easily adapt to new environments.


  1. Pixie-Bob

If you’ve got a huge family with a lot of children, consider Pixie-Bobs. They may look like wildcats but they are very family-oriented. They tend to develop an unusually strong bond with the family they live in, especially with the kids. They’re known to be most patient of all cats when it comes to dealing with the children. Pixie-Bobs love to travel and are very easy to train.


  1. The Chartreux

If you love travelling just as much as you love huge pets, the Chartreux are “gentle giants” you want to keep. The Chartreux has woolly fur with a blue fur similar to the Russian blue. This breed of kitty happens to be super sweet to their owners and enjoys a lot of travelling. They’re at ease around children and other pets which makes them a good travelling companion.

Today, statues of Captain Flinders with his buddy Trim stand in Port Lincoln as a tribute to their gallantry and the discoveries they made over the years.

Could you be the next globetrotter about to make an exciting discovery with your cat buddy?


Meow for now… Kristian

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