Why can’t Christmas be about cats? See how much that one wants the Christmas ball? Give them to your fellow kitty lovers or gift them to yourself. Hey, everyone needs a little self-love, right?

Your kitty needs to get a Christmas gift, too! Here’s a list of great cat-inspired gift ideas.

For dad

We know the routine. Before he leaves for work, he enjoys his quiet time waiting for breakfast reading the news, either on paper or on his mobile, sipping coffee from his mug. Let’s be honest, we can’t always be there for our parents while we’re chasing our careers and building our own lives. We can, however, be somehow part of that daily morning routine. Give your dad the gift to kickstart his mornings with this minimalist mug with a cheeky script.

For mom

Remember those days when you’d go to the mall with your mom and she’d treat you to your favourite dessert or help her with groceries? We’re pretty sure she misses those. To help her when nostalgia seeps in, let her carry this tote to remember you and your shared fondness for felines.

For your boss

Or your closest workmate. Share your love for cats with them while letting them have the perfect tracker for the date and day to mark their deadlines, milestones and special occasions. Go old-school. Throw in a few markers and fun stickers while you’re at it.

For your better half and yourself


For the fellow furball mommy or daddy, surprise them with an item that shouts their furry parent pride out loud. Have a couple shirt! It’s sweet and charming when you walk into the room both wearing the same print. You can wear the same-coloured shirts or each wear one reflecting your unique personalities.

For baby

There’s no such thing as too young to inherit the love for all things feline. Mark the start of their furry-loving lessons with a onesie that says it all. Available in mint green, it’s a gender-friendly shade for your little boy or girl. Don’t have a child of your own? Be the favourite uncle or aunt with this perfect gift.

For your squad

Don’t love cats? Friendship over! No, just kidding. But seriously, we can’t imagine maintaining a friendship with someone who doesn’t feel as strongly about these lovable and delightful creatures as we do. Test who your real friends are by decking everyone out in a kitty squad shirt! Because…meow.

For kitty


Let’s not forget the reason why we’ve come together as an online community, our cats. As a family, they’re as much a part of the celebration as every other important person in our lives. What could be better than knitting a few buddies they can play or sleep next to? Or take it to the next level and give your furry friend a fun scratching post and playpen.

Yes, our kitties deserve to feel special this Christmas…and every Christmas after.

All these gifts are available for sale on the So Purrfect shop. For more tips and ideas to celebrate Christmas and enjoy summer with your cat, like our page.


Meow for now… Kristian

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