One bowl of water a day clearly isn’t enough…is it? Two? Three? Would four be too much? How do we know for sure? Many kitty parents don’t know to be honest and too embarrassed to ask but here at SoPurrfect, we’re facing these kind of questions head on so you get your answers without the shame.


How much water does my cat need?

Ideally, it would largely depend on the weight of your cat. Daily water consumption would range between 44 to 60 mL of water per kilogram of your cat’s body weight or 0.067 oz.-1 oz. of water to a pound of weight. However, your cat’s drinking requirements would be affected by the kind of diet it has, how much physical activity it gets, and other factors that would impact their health.

Canned food has a greater amount of water (78%) than dry food (10%). A cat on a dry food diet would need a higher intake of water than one eating mostly cat food.


What are the signs that my cat drinks enough water?

While we can’t measure exactly how much our cats should drink, we can observe obvious physical signs that correlate to having enough water. These are:

  • Good skin elasticity

The skin should be able to stretch and snap back to its original shape without a problem. You can test this on the skin on the base of your cat’s nape.

  • Active

Cats love their sleep and take several hours more than a human being but when they’re wide awake, take notice if they seem lethargic. Test with playtime to see how your cat is feeling.

  • Shiny fur coat

The absence of dry flakes and sheen are good signs of hydration.

  • Urinates 2-3 times a day

Another clear indication of their liquid intake is the number of times they excrete it.


How can I get my cat to drink more water?

Placing water right in front of your cat isn’t always enough to make the cat want to drink. In fact, they might not want to at all. If you’re worried about your cat’s health because they don’t drink clean water enough, try these tricks.


  • Add a little more water on your cat’s pet food but only if it’s canned. Remember that canned food is mostly water? You can keep it to a minimum by sprinkling if you think your cat might not want it too watery. Mixing water with dry food would spoil it.
  • Get an automatic water fountain for your pet. There’s a theory that cats probably associate running water with clean water. Stagnant water in nature is often filled with bacteria which is why they’d prefer drinking from the toilet or faucet than water in a bowl. If it’s untrue, well, cats are clearly fond of moving water anyway even if they don’t like bathing in it and are more likely to drink that.
  • Switch to glass bowls or steel. Plastic can affect the taste of water, making it unappealing to cats. Even people don’t like it.
  • Dump out yesterday’s water, whether it was last night’s or not. Keep it clean, keep it fresh.
  • In the summer, rinse the water bowl more often. The heat makes it bacteria multiply faster. Throw out the water and clean the bowl to avoid this.
  • Use filtered water. Cats can tell between soft water (filtered or distilled) and hard water (mineral or tap). Felines dislike the high concentration of mineral salts.


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