Ready for some fun in the sun? Is your cat prepared, too? Your feline companion might not be able to take care of itself against the heat as well as you can so take note. With the change of season, there’s a change in the cat-care to-do list as well. Read up and check whether you and your kitty are set for summer lovin’.

1. Make sure clean water is available both indoors and outdoors.

When your kitty is thirsty and no cool, clean water is nearby, it will drink whatever liquid it can find in an effort to stay hydrated. Place a dish filled with cool water outside and another in the home. You can freeze them overnight and leave them out in the morning so your feline has easy access to cool water at different hours as it slowly melts. This is especially useful for when you’re not at home during the day.


2. Provide shaded areas outside for your cat.

You can design your garden using a variety of plants, strategically placed so your feline can cool off after taking a stroll. Another option would be to place a kitty house or furniture big enough for your pet to use as shelter.


3. Beware of barbeque food.

Delicious, yes. Safe for cats, no. Sodas, alcohol, fruits, chocolate, charred pork and beef, pie…they’re good food so it’s understandable that you’d want to share it with your furry friend but these can be harmful to their health. Bottomline, don’t feed it to them and don’t let them so much as get a taste of them.


4. Keep your cat away from fireworks.

It’s not just the danger from the ignited fireworks or the explosion that close proximity will bring. Felines’ sense of hearing are much sharper than ours so sounds from fireworks could damage it while traumatising them.


5. Stay on the lookout for air gun wounds.

Our poor fur buddies are often a target of airgun attacks during the summer so if you see a wound on your cat, bring it to the vet. Have them microchipped in case they lose their way home in trying to escape their assailants.


6. Groom your kitty regularly with a de-shedding tool.

Summer is shedding season for this species. It’s a natural biological occurrence of their bodies preparing for the warmer weather. However, it also causes nasty hairballs. When they’re too big to cough up and lodged deep in their stomachs, these result in several worrying health problems from diarrhea,  constipation, regurgitation, to loss of appetite.


7. Mind hot surfaces like asphalt.

The scorching heat of the sun during this season can be felt on these and some absorb warmth more than others. When your pet walks on these, they’d suffer burns on their paws. If you’re taking your pet out on a drive, avoid leaving them in the baggage area where they could touch the hot metal when you’re not watching.

Stay updated with our blog for more tips on how to make this summer cat-friendly so you and your furry friend can have a blast together!


Meow for now… Kristian

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