The coming of spring puts an end to the longing for the sun and an end to the suffering from the cold winter snow. Chances are your kitty has this longing too.

By the dawning of winter, you’re likely to notice a slight or significant change in your kitty’s behaviour or physical appearance. Don’t worry, your kitty is not going to transform into an abominable beast. There is only the huge chance that kitty is experiencing Spring Fever.

By definition, spring fever is a feeling of restlessness and excitement at the start of spring. And, these are the indicators that your kitty has caught it.


  1. The Early Riser

Think of an alarm clock with a life of its own because your kitty will get up earlier than normal. And when you wake up, you’ll find your kitty playing with your toes. It will seem as if your pet will stop at nothing to until you’re fully awoken and ready to play.


  1. The Window-Gazer

Staring for long hours in the window indicates that your cat is begging for spring to come. As some animals start to come out from migration, your kitty too can’t way to show them who’s the king of the streets. Until then, the window will be their go-to-place as they count the squirrels that pass in the hope that they may once again roam the outside.


  1. The SunGrazer

Kitties love sunbathing. Take that away from them and you do for a paw in the face. As an answer to the problem of experiencing lesser days under the sun, they can become an Olaf in the winter seeking warm hugs and blankets. If the sun is up, open your curtains and let their rays of joy inside the house.


  1. The Can’t-Stay-Put-Kitty

Like a kid waking up on Christmas morning, kitties that have the spring fever cannot stay put. They’ll be running, jumping and wrestling in the house for hours up until night. And some vases and utensils may need replacing as they drive you crazy at the end of the day. They’re just full of energy.

The best way to minimize their wild behaviour during this phase is to play indoor games like a laser pointer or fetch.


  1. The Mating Singer

It may not be as good and well-versed as the musical Cats, but it’s singing alright. When your kitty is in the heat of the fever, the drive for mating will be as loud as a human baby. If you have a female kitty, she’ll definitely be selling herself by the window for male cats stalking in your yard. If he’s a male, this is the best time to get him spayed.


  1. It Gets Bigger!

Growing is the most common symptom of this fever. It’ll be hard not to notice because they grow in spurts.

With all the symptoms present, it’s a sign that spring is coming. And when it does, do take time to make up for the longing your kitty went through from winter. It’s time to play!


Meow for now… Kristian

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