The heat’s beating down. Cat hair is strewn all over your furniture and every part of your home. You know it’s natural for their species to shed but it’s driving you nuts. Plus, worrying about your feline’s body temperature doesn’t help you from controlling that want to just pick up a razor and get it over with.

So what’s stopping you? We know, the thought that shaving them yourself might end up with more problems. So, should you?

To Shave My Cat or Not To Shave

Technically, it’s not recommended. Why? Their fur is designed to regulate their body heat. It helps to keep themselves cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Shaving them leaves them more vulnerable to temperature.

Helping them stay hydrated with access to cool water and shaded areas is still a must, though but shaving increases the chances of overheating instead of reducing them. If you do think they’re overheating, take them to a veterinarian immediately. You’ll know if they’re panting heavily, vomiting, sluggish, stumbling, drooling, and the heart is beating much faster.

Proper Cat Grooming

The cats would also be moving around a lot while you’re trying to shave their fur which adds an extra challenge. Their skin isn’t smooth so trying to get the fur off in the middle of their wriggling will certainly be difficult for untrained hands.

You’ll risk hurting them and yourself, even with the help of other people trying to keep the cat still. If others are present, you could injure them, too.

There are also sensitive areas where you shouldn’t cut fur or risk doing on your own. The ankles and the paws are more sensitive so a trim in these areas would hurt them more. Then there’s the butt, the tail, and around the neck. Did we mention cats have nipples, too? That’s another thing you have to watch out for when shaving near that area.

If shedding is your concern, know that all healthy cats shed. What you can do to keep them from getting matted is brushing them regularly. Taking them to a professional groomer for the sanitary trim. No one is put in danger and you’re assured they come out adorable.

Style Your Kitty in Other Ways

That lion cut isn’t worth it. If you want to pump up their style, get them a better collar, ID tag, even get them new furniture and toys but avoid handling the scissors and the clippers at all costs. You can seek advice from your vet about how to handle their fur.

There are special occasions when the vet would require a shave-down but these are purely for medical reasons. Other than that, shaving isn’t necessary and should be avoided at all costs. This also means the cat would have to be thoroughly looked over before shaving would be recommended.

For better fur quality, watch the food they eat and make sure it gives them proper nutrition. Some foods might not make them sick but excessive consumption would lessen the production of natural oils and dry their skin.

If you insist on shaving your cat, you can. However, you need to always keep them cool and monitor their sun exposure. So you know they always stay cool, other than leaving out water, you can make ice blocks and other frozen treats.


Meow for now… Kristian

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