Kitty’s skin irritation, unhealthy-looking hair, and clumps of fur scattered all over the house all have one common denominator – the lack of grooming.

Shedding is the natural way for animals to get rid of dead hair and make room for the new ones to grow. This process, although healthy and natural, could contribute to the messy build-up of hair at home. Cat fur sticking to the sofa, carpet and even beds are sometimes arduous and tedious to remove.

Now you can say goodbye to this problem with an awesome pet-grooming solution: the Furminator.

What is the Furminator?

The Furminator is a de-shedding tool that reduces the shedding of cat hair at about 90% all while reducing the risk of a hairball. This device doesn’t cut pet hair. Instead, it discards hair that is already detached from the hair follicle. It keeps hair protected and promotes hair growth.

The Furminator tool is not just for cats, it is recommended for dogs and rabbits.


How is it different from all the other tools?

Compared to other de-shedding tools, the Furminator’s stainless steel brush is designed to reach deep within your pet’s coat to rid off the dead hairs. It also comes with a FURjector button that allows a plastic strip to push away the collected hair with ease.

The Furminator is not just kind to pets, it is kind to their owners, too, because it is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort. So you ca extend use it for a long period of time without your hands hurting. It comes in different sizes so you can pick one that is best suited to your pet.

Compared to competitor products, the Furminator is pricier but it is significantly more effective in getting rid of dead hairs compared to brushes and combs.


What are customers saying?

The Furminator has gotten over 11,000 reviews on Amazon from many satisfied pet owners. Most testimonials say the product was safe on their pets and easy to use. Here’s a summary of the public’s glowing reviews of this product:

  •         Truly reduced shedding at about 90%
  •         Saved more time from cleaning up after their pets
  •         Is loved by their pets and just can’t get the hang of it
  •         Allowed them to enjoy their food without a dash of fur
  •         Allowed them to show up at work with very minimal fur sticking onto their clothes
  •         Made brushing their pets therapeutic

Who should we thank for this outstanding product?

Angie and David Porter are the creators of the Furminator, one of the most sought-after de-shedding tool in the petcare market.

It all started when Angie, a professional pet groomer struggled with her dog’s shedding. She spent months trying almost every tool there was available. Unsatisfied with the results, she set out to develop her own de-shedding device. With the support of her husband they came up with Furminator Inc.

The Furminator is a fine tool for hygiene. It doesn’t just promote pet health, it also helps keep the house clean. The time and effort you save with this handy tool can lead to more happy bonding moments with your family and furry friends.


Meow for now… Kristian

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