“Every rose has its thorn.” And it’s important for us kitty owners to deal with these torn our cute and furry roses have.

A lot of owners turn to websites googling all these cat attacks. Before antagonizing these cute little creatures, it is important to know why they lashed out in the first place and learn to correct their bad behaviour.

They seek attention

If you’ve already been awakened by your cat very early in the morning with scratches and play bites, you already know what I’m talking about.

When you’re occupied, some kitties give a surprise attack. This isn’t because you’ve done them wrong, this is simply saying “notice me hooman!” Because it’s that or they could be doing something crazy in some place in the house.

Give them as much attention as you can because they’d love that. But if they attack, teach them a lesson by giving them the silent treatment. They will learn.


They want to play

Kitties are asleep for almost two-thirds of the day, mustering up great big ball of energy when they wake. And when they do, they will want to use it all up by doing a lot of playful (and weird) things which is why they can be aggressive at times.

The key to avoid their moodiness that can end up as a scratch or bit on your skin is to play with them. Give them a ball to play or that laser light. The key is to use up all their energy.


They’re practicing

Cats are basically predators by nature. As they play, they also practice their predatorial tactics in the form of fun that may end up going too far. A study made by The Oatmeal indicated that one out of three kitties will want to hunt twice a week for and 49% tells us that’s the for the sole purpose of fun. Fret not, they don’t have the appetite for owners.

The key is to give them a toy they could play hunt with. May it be a mechanical mouse or a bell tied to a string, kitties always love a good chase.


They redirect aggression (scared and afraid)

When cats are not in the mood, interrupting their solitude may lead to them scratching or biting you. This isn’t because kitty is mad at you, it’s simply because they easily build up a lot of energy and tension that needs to be released.

Be mindful times like this. It is important to keep calm, pick them up wrapped in a towel and leave them in a safe and peaceful spot where they can calm down.


They want to mate

Even though kitties tend to show less aggression when spayed or neutered, their sexual instincts remain. During the tension, males grab females using their paws and females retaliate in the same manner. This reaction can occur when you stroke or hold them.

Dramatically reduce the number of strokes you give them and offer them a treat when this happens.


They’re sick

If you’ve noticed that your kitty is abnormally playful or aggressive, there must be something wrong. When they attack, it may be a good time go to the vet. Infection or aging problems may be the reason why they are so sensitive when touched.

Don’t let it reach an attack. If you notice an aggression that’s unusual to your kitty’s trait, schedule a check-up to a vet.


Meow for now… Kristian

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