Valentines is probably the most awaited day of all the couples out there who are ready set up the candlelight dinner, camping under the stars or marriage… Well, it’s not for all.

However, you might be reading this now because you’ve just decided to spend Valentine’s day alone at home with your cat. That’s not a totally bad idea at all. It’s actually sweet.

Kitty's Heart

There are many activities you can do that you already know your kitty might want. But who said you couldn’t treat little (or huge) kitty like how other couples do their Valentines? Let me help you sort that out.


  1. Baked goods

Human or cat, don’t we all love the treats? Here’s an idea. Why not bake it together like sweet couples do?

There are a lot of sources on the internet to scour for the right recipe. Just be careful not to pick those recipes that contain ingredients that may be harmful to your kitty. Because you don’t have a date with another human, you wouldn’t want to end your Valentine’s day with your cat being mad at you.


  1. Jewelry!

Like Ms. Monroe would like to say, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

This is not to encourage you to propose or marry your kitty, but in the light of trying to spend your Valentine’s with your feline companion, buy something jewelry-like for a change.

It can be a new collar with a dangling design or these Twinkle Tush, a jewelry designed to hang in your cat’s tushy.

A twinkle tush is said to “add bling to your cat’s bum”. Bizarrely enough, you can get one online for less than 10 dollars.

And there you thought Kim Kardashian’s jogging pants paired with 4-inches heels is weird…


  1. Flowers

Get traditional and buy your kitty flowers. Since it’s for her and not for you, don’t give your kitty roses. Every rose has thorns. You don’t want to hurt your feline date. Instead, consider replacing roses with a bouquet of catnip. It falls under the category of flowers and its personal brand of heroine.

With your kitty on catnip, Valentine’s is bound to be fun.


  1. The “I Love You” Blink

If you’re a cat lover, you probably know how this is done.

The “I love you” Blink is a simple slow blink using both your eyes. It’s done very slowly three times as every blink corresponds to one word.

Cats use this to communicate. And by doing this to your kitty, it sends them the massage that you trust and respect. And, they return the message to you.

Just remember that it’s a blink, not a stare. Stares trigger their predatory instincts and you don’t want that. All you want is love.


  1. Meowting

Couples take Valentine’s day a chance to wander and go outing. Like a real couple, why don’t you take a stroll at the park or visit the zoo. Some visit the local shelter or cat cafes. The best suggestion you’d be hearing would have to be the beach. Just the both of you lying on the warm sand underneath thousands of stars to wish upon. It’s fairly peaceful, intimate and very romantic.

Our kitties have been there for us through the happiest of times and the heart-shattering moments. They’re the ones who truly love us. They also deserve to be treated specially this coming Valentine’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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