Feline Friends

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Despite our best efforts to plan, control and anticipate, we still get surprises and not all of them are pleasant. If you are going through a rough patch in your life right now, fret not! Take a cue from your feline friends who are equipped with superb survival skills:

Survival Tip #1: Always land on your feet.

One of the most remarkable things about cats is their ability to land on their feet. You’ve probably seen kitty do this trick after climbing up a tall shelf. Their unique physiological structure makes this possible (they have no collarbone and have an unusually flexible backbone).

What we can learn from this:

Of course, it is physically impossible for humans to follow this death-defying act but by principle to land on your feet means you are ready to rise after you fall. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall or fail as long as you get back up and keep moving forward.


Survival Tip #2: Enjoy every bite of your food.

Cats love eating fish and if you’ve seen your pet eat fish then you’ve seen that they take their precious time cleaning the meat off those tiny fishbones. Hyper focused and quiet, cats look like they are really enjoying every bite of their food.

What we can learn from this:

Enjoy the simple things. Don’t be so busy that you forget to enjoy the smell of your morning coffee or no longer have time to connect with your friends. Focus on the moment and enjoy what’s in front of you. Our cats show us that there is great joy to be found in the small things.


Survival Tip #3: Take care of your health and looks.

We all know cats spend hours licking their fur and grooming themselves. Naturally equipped to be master groomers, cats have a barbed tongue that cleans out dirt from their fur, paws to clean hard-to-reach areas and tiny teeth that can dig out smaller debris. Their knack for personal hygiene has earned them quite a reputation in the animal world.

What we can learn from this:

Invest in yourself. Eat healthy food, exercise and take care of your appearance. The way you feel about yourself impacts your self-confidence and your self-confidence is your best accessory.


Survival Tip #4: Don’t sacrifice sleep.

Cats sleep an average of 12 to 16 hours per day. That’s a lot of time spent snoozing! Don’t mistake them for lazy, though. Cats are crepuscular meaning they are most active in the hours between dusk and dawn so they sleep knowing they need energy for hunting, playing and moving around. Cats may sleep a lot but they definitely make the most of their time when they are awake!

What we can learn from this:

Follow your cat’s example and prioritise your sleep. Like cats you have a lot of things to do when you are awake so take time to rest. Don’t feel bad for taking a 15-minute power nap during the day or sleeping in during the weekend. Sleep is precious, it lets you recharge your cognitive batteries and helps your body recover from the daily demands of life.

You don’t need nine lives to overcome difficult situations. Get inspiration from our favorite furry friends and you’ll be able to get back on your feet in no time. If cats can do it, so can you!

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