Is your cat a hunter or a homebody? Does he go on swashbuckling adventures in the yard or does he prefer following you around the house with his adorable meows and purrs? Cats are full of character so it’s easy to imagine them as characters in books.

If you love a good story and you love cats, check out this list of 4 awesome books that feature interesting cat characters:


The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss

Who doesn’t know the witty and fast-talking cat straight out of Dr Seuss’ wacky imagination? A colourfully illustrated childhood favourite, The Cat in the Hat follows the antics of the tall hat-wearing cat of the title who suddenly shows up in the home of a little girl named Sally and her brother. The cat attempts to entertain the children with various tricks and in the process wreaks havoc around the house. Can they clean up the mess before the children’s mother returns home?

Who should read it: Young readers and imaginative grownups who love wordplay and wise-cracking felines.


Puss in Boots

If you love dressing up your pets then the story of Puss in Boots will definitely win you over. This classic fairytale from the 17th century tells the story of the titular cat who dresses up in boots, hence the title and uses clever antics and his charm to help his lowborn master become wealthy and powerful. The character of Puss from the Dreamworks movie, Puss in Boots, was based on the same story.

Who should read it: Any reader who loves classic fairy tales and unlikely heroes on swashbuckling adventures.


Pet Sematary by Stephen King

If you love getting chills down your spine then you’ll enjoy this novel from the King of Horror Fiction. Stephen King’s Pet Sematary tells the story of a family who seems to have it all, beautiful parents and children, a wonderful home and a lovable pet. Their seemingly perfect life takes a sinister turn when their cat dies and is buried in the titular “pet sematary” deep in the woods behind their house. The cemetery turns out to be an ancient Indian burial ground that can supposedly bring dead pets back to life.

Who should read it: Young adult readers and grownups who love horror stories and getting a good scare.


Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Coraline is a weird and wonderful story of a young girl who discovers a door in their new house that leads her to another realm. In the “Other World” that Coraline finds herself, she meets a host of fascinating characters that resemble people from her own world including a black cat with an attitude. Most people’s impression of cats is they are snobs and the black cat in Coraline is the epitome of that stereotype. It is standoffish at first but soon becomes an important teacher that helps Coraline in the strange journey that unfolds.

Who should read it: Fans of fantasy stories and creepy, otherworldly adventures ala Alice in Wonderland.

Have you read any of these stories? What’s your favourite book with a cat character?


Meow for now… Kristian

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