Have you ever fancied the big and wild cats that you see from Lion King or Jungle Book?

It turns out that wild tigers, jaguars and lions aren’t that friendly to the humans which is why huge predators aren’t suggested to be taken in as pets.

However, I come bearing an alternative. You can start by getting to know the top 5.


#5 Siberian

Siberian cats, as suggested by the name, are native to Siberia. They have expressive round eyes that come in blue or green, but usually gold. The cold weather of Russia also suggests that they have thick fur to keep them warm.

Siberian females can weight about 10-15 pounds while males go from 15-20 pounds, and grows to about 13 inches tall.

These cats posses a dog-like devotion to their owners and are gentle with children. If you’re thinking of getting a huge cat but worries about the baby, this kitty is your solution.



#4 Norwegian Forest Cats

The Wegie, as nicknamed, is believed to be a warrior in the forest. They were introduced by Vikings around 1000 AD. They also played their part in Norse mythology as the description of Freya’s beloved “skogkatt”.


Weighing at about 13 – 22 pounds, the size of these warrior kitties did not hinder them from being good at climbing trees and hunting mice.

They are believed to be related by the Maine Coon, but you can tell the difference between the triangle-shaped face of the Maine Coon and a wedge-shaped head with high cheek-boned Norwegian Forest cats.



#3 Rag-doll

These sedentary long-haired felines love cuddles. They were bred in California in 1960. They are called rag-dolls because they can literally just fall into your lap, snuggle and sleep.


Female Rag-dolls can weigh about 10 to 15 pounds while males reach 15-20 pounds.

If you’re a busy person who likes someone to cuddle and rest at the end of a tiring day, a rag-doll is the pillow for you. I mean, cat.




#2 Maine Coon

 The Maine Coon is known to be THE largest (pure) domesticated cat. They are very friendly without being overly demanding. Females can weigh about 10-15 pounds while males can weigh at about 15-25 pounds.


Because of their oversized body structure, they are more prone to heart disease and should be fed with a controlled diet. But despite that, a Maine Coon is very sweet-natured which a lot of pet owner love.

If you’re the type be sweet and likes warm hugs, these Goliaths are your rightful companion.



#1 Savannah F-1

The Savannah F-1 is the BIGGEST among the domesticated feline and a winner by a cheat, because it may be pronounced as domestic, but it came from a wild background. This bold and large cat was crossbred from Siamese cat and a wild African Serval Cat. Its form can be likened to the Egyptian Mau but longer and leaner. They grow at about 30 pounds and 4-foot in length.



The Savannah is best known for their intelligence and energy which can be very challenging compared to the others. Owners, while happy, attest that they are gentle and loyal but their wild nature has its way of showing. The Savannah is a cat for owners who already have experience in raising felines.


Meow for now… Kristian

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