Cat Teach

In the month of chocolates,
Flowers, poetry, and love,
SoPurrfect presents
The title above.

In this, you will learn
That cats to us, teach.
Let me walk through with you
As I explain one and each.

1. Respect

Respect is essential
In building strong ties.
With a lover or a pet,
Either wants different pies.

Some want their pies hot
Some don’t want one at all
What matters in love,
Is to love through it all.

2. Personal grooming matters

Together you, are often
And by fate, ‘til you old.
Looks may not matter
But you’d want love to look bold.

For not only does it
Bring both morales a height,
You both best keep your bond
And love clear to the light.

3. Honor the intention of gift given to you

Be it a corpse from a hunt
Or gold of the finest grade,
What love gives to you
Comes from everything love has made.

The measure of perfection
Should remain but an ideal
Until you learn to appreciate
What you have and what is real.

4. I love you, but I love me more

“I love you” and “I love you”
Be it said a million times
But for you to love more,
Love yourself a million and nine.

You have yet the thirst for life
And fulfillment for the new.
Be it so, hold on tight
Because I know love got lots too.

5. Keep Moving Forward

But if ever your bond
Will ever dissever,
You but ought to accept
You’re not made to be together.

Just keep your head high
To see the chances that bear good
You will find your forever.
I just know that you would.


The nights are the most painful
When darkness devours the sky.
You must remember to sleep.
Take a rest from the days when you cried.

Keep in mind that tomorrow,
New opportunities are brought by the sun.
Hence you must fix yourself up.
And prepare for another run.

Meow for now…

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