For some cat owners, there is one other reason why picking up and cuddling cats feels so wonderful. It is a feeling of pride. It is a feeling of empowerment. It is a feeling of conquest.

marlon brando

It is feeling like a super villain!

It is very hard to deny the appeal of a calm and collected mastermind as he strokes his beloved, cat companion. Whether it is the Godfather Vito Corleone or James Bond’s #1 nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld, villains make a fine art out of stroking cats.

Fortunately, you do not really have to plan global domination to be as skillful as them. Here are five steps you can take to keep your cat content and comfortable in your own arms.


#1. Assess your cat’s trust in you.

If a cat is still getting accustomed to you as its owner, picking it up is not advised until it has developed a good amount of trust in your care. And even if it already has, always pay attention to how long it wants to be in your arms. Some cats have more independent personalities than others and wouldn’t want to stay held up too long. (That is, unless you give them good reason to.)


#2. Read its mood.

Just because a cat trusts you doesn’t mean you can pick it up more carelessly. Always check for signs of agitation and avoid touching it altogether if it looks like it is in a really bad mood. Be patient and do what you can to improve its demeanor. If villains themselves require appeasement, their feline friend demands no less!


#3. Remember your cat’s sweet spots.

All cats share a common set of areas that make them feel really good when stroked. These include the usual spots like the back of the ears, the chin and the base of the tail. Stroking these correctly can be a good way to keep a kitty content in your arms and less likely to squirm out of them.


#4. Determine a signature posture.

This goes both for you and your cat. Start by knowing the basics of holding it (such as supporting its bottom and hind legs). Patiently figure out when your cat is feeling most comfortable in your arms and adjust your posture accordingly. Sometimes it can be when you are sitting or when you are standing up right. Either way, it can feel really classy when you do it correctly.


#5. Let it know that you still have its attention.

Cats are naturally demanding and will obviously dislike it if they can no longer sense your attention when you are cuddling them. Occasionally make eye contact and know what part of its body you are rubbing at all times. Much like classic villains, it is crucial to avoid carelessness at all costs.

Lastly, remember that a cat is not a mere accessory. Ever notice that a villain’s cat is possibly the only thing they would never harm? You could say that they too acknowledge a cat as a living creature. It deserves to be treated as a faithful companion and your highest ranked accomplice!

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