high fiveIt’s nice to see our pets perform a couple of tricks we’ve taught them. Although training them would take a ton of patience and a ton of time, the end results are without a doubt worth it. Training your cat some tricks would also allow you to bond with each other.

You may not reach a “stage performance” type of level, what’s important is that you, and your cat, now have something to share on a personal level. Think of it like an inside joke that only you and your cat gets. That being said, let’s start off with a fairly simple trick that you can easily teach your feline friend. What trick is this, you ask? Well, it’s the ever famous “High-Five” trick!

Steps in Teaching Your Cat the High-Five

Before you start, there are a couple of things you have to prepare. These are treats, a quiet room and a whole lot of patience. if you have all of them in hand, and in heart, then it’s time you get started.

Step One – Start things off by taking your cat to quiet room, or place, where it’s just the two of you. You wanna do this to lessen the things that could distract your furry friend.

Step Two – Next is to have your kitty’s full attention, so make sure that you have him/her sitting in front of you.

Step Three – Grab a treat and hold it in one of your hands. Let your cat investigate and sniff the treat.

Step Four – Now, slowly move your hand back and forth, and over your cat’s head. They’ll react instinctively and stand on their hind legs. If not, they’ll try grabbing your hand with their claw. Once this happens, move them back into position and try again.

Step Five – Keep your hand with the treat in position off to one side above your kitty’s head. If they reach for your hand and touches it using their paw, say “yes” and give them the treat. But if they use their claws or mouth, pull your hand away and try again.

Step Six – Repeat step five a couple of times until your cat gets the hang of it. Repeat the same process without a treat in your hand. Once you get your feline friend to touch your treatless hand, say “yes” and give them a reward.

Step Seven – Practice step six a few more times until your cat becomes comfortable with it. After that, place your open palm in the same place above your cat’s head. Say “high five” and once they touch your palm with their paw, reward them with a treat.

Step Eight – Repeat all of the sequences a couple of times a day, until your cat fully learns it.

Although it is a simple trick, it will take some time for your cat to learn it. Keep in mind that every cat has a different pace when it comes to learning. Remember to stop the training if they become agitated and to schedule the training before mealtimes to get them more motivated to work for the treat.

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