Nobody in this world would want to lose their beloved cats. Some can’t even bare being away from them for a while, let alone welcome the idea of losing them altogether. Although it is unfortunate, lost cats are quite common and people would often go to great lengths to find their furry companions.

Finding where your cat is located as soon as possible is very important. In fact, this should be the ultimate goal because the faster you find your fluffy friend, the better. However, it is going to be a challenging quest and you’re going to need all the help you can get. Here are a couple of tips you can use for finding your little bundle of joy.


1. If You Think Your Cat is on the Street

If it has left your house, it’s possible that your cat hasn’t roamed very far. You can try leaving some food on your front or back door, then take note if it is being eaten. It’s normal to wonder whether or not your cat is the one eating the food. To make sure, you can put baby powder on the doormat, which will leave paw prints for whatever ate those delicious cat treats.


2. Use Flyers and Missing Posters

There’s a reason why missing posters and flyers are big cliches in movies and this is due to their effectiveness. Be sure to make them easy to read, direct and have a photo of your cat. To further entice people in helping you find your wandering friend, include the word “Reward,” in the poster.


3. Proactively Search for Your Kitty

Missing posters and leaving food will not be enough unless you add in proactively searching for your cat. The food and posters are indeed a big help, but calling your nearest animal shelters would immensely increase the likelihood for the feline to be found. Don’t just settle with the animal shelters as well, go and call, and email, the animal rescuers in your vicinity too.


4. Hire a Pet Detective

It may sound silly, but yes, there are legitimate pet detectives out there. These people are professional trackers and they would certainly increase the speed of which you’ll see your cat again. Some of them are quite expensive though, so it’s best to prepare a hefty amount. However, the ones who’ll cost you more gold are the ones with the most experience and success.

Also, don’t forget to ask your neighbors if they’ve seen your cat. Maybe the little fuzzball just decided to visit your neighbors backyard and spend the night there. If they haven’t seen your cat, then go ahead and give them some of the posters, ask them to help you and thank them for their kindness.

If it’s taking quite a while for your cat to be found, then don’t lose hope. Cats are usually found weeks after they’ve gone missing, so there is still hope. All you gotta do is to not give up and keep on searching!

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