Bringing home a new kitten, whether from a pet store or from an adoption centre, is definitely an exciting time for the entire family. In the succeeding weeks, kitty will see numerous opportunities to adjust to the new surroundings. At the same time, you will know more about him or her.

kittens behaviour

But while he or she is still in the adjustment stage, expect to see him or her hide and display nervousness, especially during the first few days of staying with you. These reactions are not that different from the normal human reaction to being in a new environment (i.e. new neighbourhood, new country, new workplace, new school). Like humans, cats feel stressed when taken away from familiar environments and moved to new, unfamiliar settings.

How To Understand Kitty Cat

* Spend lots of time handling kitty cat. By doing so, you develop a strong bond with him or her and make him or her feel comfortable in your home.

* The meow is usually reserved for cat-to-human communication, although this endearing means of communication is used to get the mother’s attention as well. That said, it follows that, instead of ignoring it, you should respond to it. However, if you notice that kitty meows way too much, ignore the meowing and respond only when he or she has quieted down.

* Kitty cat has so much energy to burn, and since cats are mainly nocturnal mammals, it follows that your new addition to your family will be more active during the night. As this can be an inconvenience to you, it’s important that you alter this behaviour early on. Make it a habit to play with kitty during early evenings so that some of the excess energy is spent. Set aside playing time for when you wish kitty to become very active. Lastly, avoid playing with them or feeding them if he or she will wake you up at night since this will only reward unwanted behaviour.

* All cats have a need to scratch surfaces. They do this in order to sharpen claws and to deposit their distinct scent, which happens because scent glands can also be found on cat paws.

To prevent damage to home essentials associated with scratching, you need to provide the cat with scratching posts. At first, these posts should be placed in areas where kitty scratches. Then gradually move the posts to the location you prefer. Posts should never be hidden in corners since it’s important for kitty to scratch in areas that are immediately visible.

* Cats are predators. Thus, it follows that as kitty grows older, he or she will spend so much time learning behaviours his or her ancestors have learned, such as chasing, pouncing, and stalking. While normal, keep in mind that kitty has sharp claws and teeth, so make sure that kitty only does these actions on suitable toys and not on humans and other pets.

Understanding the behaviour of a new kitten, as a whole, can be challenging. But as long as the tips highlighted above are followed, you can expect kitty’s stay in your household to be a pleasant experience for both kitty and your family.

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