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If you wish to make sure that your kitten gets just the right amount of exercise, there are a few things you need to know about. You need to know why kitty needs to get moving every now and then, the right amount of workout time kitty needs, as well as the right way to play with your feline companion.

Why Kitty Needs Exercise

Your pet, in general, needs to be active. By being active, his body weight stays at a healthy level, his muscles are always strong and toned, and his mind stays active and alert for anything. In addition, exercise is a fun way to bond with him.

The Amount of Exercise Time a Cat Needs

It’s important that a cat engage in a few sessions of physical activity each day, with each session lasting for up to fifteen minutes. Fortunately, with kittens and young cats, they will usually invite you to play, and if they won’t invite you to play, they will look for their own sources of entertainment.

But as they grow older, they can be quite tougher to play with. The same is true if they have become overweight. This is because both overweight and older cats do not have enough endurance for long periods of play.

This does not mean that older and overweight kitties alike will no longer benefit from playtime and exercise. To ensure this, a number of short activities needs to be done several times in a day. In the case of the overweight kitties in particular, you should start with a few sessions each day, with each section lasting only a few minutes. To gain the most benefit from this activity, determine activities the kitty likes and formulate variations of that activity. In no time, you will notice that he will spend more time playing with you.

Playing With Your Kitty

The best games to play with your kitty are those which stimulate his or her hunting instincts. One amazing example of a game that stimulates hunting instincts is the playing of a tiny remote controlled toy mouse. When using this toy, make sure to mimic a mouse’s movements as best as you can.

Aside from playing with a toy mouse, your beloved feline can also play with a feather toy, a decent bird replica. If you have chosen this kind of toy, make sure to move the string or stick to mimic the way a wounded bird moves.

The third toy you can use for mock-hunting is a length of yarn or a thick ribbon. Wiggling it on the floor is more than enough to get the pet to play with it.

Want something you can use even from far away? Get a laser pointer! To many felines, the tiny dot is a small bug, and so they will never stop chasing it as long as it moves. While very easy to use, take care not to point the dot straight to his eyes or at heights that may be dangerous to him, to others, and important objects.

As demonstrated in a popular “kitty collection” game on Android, there are many other toys you can use for games with your pet. Boxes, balls, scratching posts, and cat trees are decent options you can also consider in addition to the above. There’s no need to make an elaborate home setup, but you can opt to have one made for you if you have enough space or have at least six cats living with you.

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