We all know that cats have more than one dedicated corner in the many realms of pop culture. Whether it is famous cartoon cats, internet cats or famous cats throughout history, they have a superstar brand that’s among the biggest in the animal kingdom.

In this post, however, we dig a little deeper and show you more interesting ways cats have inspired ideas in fiction. From trusty animal sidekicks to cat-eared races in fantasy, you’re going to see just how many of these popular tropes are distinctively feline!

  1. The resident snarky housemate.

snarky housemate

Whether it’s Garfield, Grumpy Cat or Salem Saberhagen, wit and sarcasm seem to be a thing for a lot of famous cats. It’s not just the fact that they happen to be snarky either. Many people love them because this type of personality trait just goes pretty damn well with being a cat!

A very plausible reason for this is that real-life cats do have all the traits that complement a smart and witty personality. Cats are reserved, aloof and have a silent, independent streak. If they could talk, it won’t be surprising that half of them will have the occasional biting (yet insightful) remark about our life choices.

  1. Cats as magical companions.

magical companions

Speaking of Salem, however, another popular cat trope is their affinity for being magical companions and knack for spellcraft in general. Other examples include Luna from Sailor Moon, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, and Crookshanks from the Harry Potter series.

Cats are also a popular choice of pet in many fantasy role-playing games, including Dungeons & Dragons and World of Warcraft.

The connection between cats and magic is also not surprising because it has been an association that has existed long before medieval times. Whether it was their association with goddesses, witchcraft or luck, cats are an ideal companion when you have a thing for mysticism.

  1. Cats as super villain sidekicks.

super villain sidekick

Mwahahahahaha! And of course, we can’t forget another famous trope that we mentioned in one of our previous blogs! There is just something truly empowering when you hold a cat like the classic villain of superhero and spy stories.

Because much like wit and sarcasm, the traits of a supervillain are just the right match for cats. Like Blofeld, Corleone and Dr. Evil, cats have an air of superiority and the cunning to go with it. They like being pampered and are not afraid to deceive wannabe do-gooders by hiding their deadliest weapons within their paws.

  1. The rise of the cat people.

cat people

Last, but certainly not the least, you have the increasingly popular cat people. This is most often prevalent in anime and manga but characters sporting kitty ears and tails is an idea that can be found in other works of fiction as well.

Examples include the animated cult classic Rock & Rule as well as the adoption of this trope in games like Shadowrun and Final Fantasy XIV. It’s also not necessarily an anthro thing (as some might think). However, it’s certainly a fun idea to play around if you have an artistic or literary gift. Imagine what it’d be like to actually have the ears of the cat, the sharpness of its eyes and all the stealthy grace that comes with it. And naturally, it’s a cool way to imagine yourself when you also have some decidedly feline personality traits.

When you look at these tropes, is it really so surprising that cats are as celebrated as they are? They are such abundant bundles of creative ideas, both in terms of their cuteness and their coolness. What about you? What fun ideas do you have that were inspired by your feline friend?

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