Despite their growing connections with gamers, programmers and other tech-savvy introverts, there are those who think computer and cat ownership is a disaster waiting to happen.

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Sadly, they are not entirely wrong. Without precaution, a cat can do a lot of serious damage regardless if you have a desktop PC or a laptop. Cats that sit on keyboards might leave hair between the keys. The worst-case scenario is when cats spill liquids (usually from mugs or even their own urine) that cause serious damage to computers.

On the bright side, this isn’t any different from the usual dangers of cats knocking over other things in general. Therefore, the solution to having a cat in the same house as a computer isn’t all that different.

Step 1. Keep your cat off the desk/laptop as much as you can.

Unless you are taking that one silly picture of your cat sitting in front of your screen, it should be kept as far from it as possible. This will ensure any hair from falling through the keys and decreases the chances of your cat knocking anything over.

Some cat owners accomplish this by having a locked computer time in a room where the cat can’t enter. Others train their cat to stay off or even set a special space nearby where a cat can just jump on instead.

Step 2. Train cats to stay away from wires.

If it is just too difficult to keep your cat away, then train them to keep off the wires. Things like these can be tempting for curious kitties, leading to situations where they will attempt to paw, bite and tangle the wires.

Alternatively, you can also organize the wires by bunching them up and putting them further out of your cat’s reach (or at least protect them from scratches).

Step 3. Balance computer time with play time.

Naturally, you don’t want your cat thinking that you have neglected it in favor of playing games or working on your desk. Take a break from the screen and play with it for a while! While cats generally don’t need as much physical affection as dogs, it is a good call all the same.

It also extends to your usual duties of feeding cats and cleaning out their litter box. Some cats might actually rebel if they make a connection between disrupting your computer time with getting your attention.

Step 4. Make a habit of completely turning the computer off.

Owners should not underestimate the warmth of a running computer from the perspective of a cat. In cool and air-conditioned rooms, the warmth of a running unit can be very tempting for cats to next to.

Always keep your units off as much as possible. This will discourage cats from developing the habit of keeping themselves warm by it.

You’d think people would share fewer cat pictures on the internet if our furry friends were such a hazard to computers. But with the right precautions and a little common sense, owning both is hardly a big dilemma.

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