We all know that cats go crazy for laser dots, right? They go all nuts, and chase the glowing red dot wherever it goes. But you know what’s better than a single red dot? A laser light in the shape of a mouse! For only $3.16, your cat will have fun chasing the proverbial mouse around your house!



The materials that this wonderful laser toy is made from are plastic and aluminum. It has an animation pattern of a mouse, which can be seen with great visibility. It’s length is at approximately 78mm in length and 13mm in diameter. The toy is powered by 3, LR927 button cell batteries.


  • FUN & HEALTHY – Your cat gets both Entertainment and Exercise
  • FELINE FRIENDLY – LED Light is Harmless to your Cat’s Eyes
  • LONG-LASTING – Batteries are Long-Lasting and can be Used for Hours

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