Cats are generally graceful but there is always that one problem kitty who seems to enjoy climbing just for the sake of knocking other things from the top. It could be a bad sign of future houseware destruction.



Fortunately, averting this disaster can be just a matter of managing your cat’s climbing tendencies. Remember, cat’s are actually born to climb because that that is how felines have evolved. Climbing had enabled them to leap away from the jaws of more dangerous animals. It also gives them a wider view of their own territory. And of course, you also have the possibility of prey tweeting high up in the branches.

Like with any issues with cat habits, the key is to go with this natural flaw instead of being too forceful in containing it.


Trick #1 – Secure fragile items behind secure doors.

Avoid having breakable items on shelves where a cat can latch on and possible topple them from the force of the landing. As long as something has a ledge, you can bet that there is a risk of your cat taking that great leap and causing all sorts of mayhem. From its point of view, there is virtually nothing too high that it won’t at least make an attempt to reach.

Start by securing all your fragile items (e.g. glassware, bottles, toys) behind doors. Your cat will be significantly less inclined to something if it perceives nothing but a long, smooth vertical surface with nothing it claws can hook on.


Trick #2 – Secure bases

If you fear that your cat might knock over something bigger than a bottle (such a lamp, a TV or maybe a tall speaker), then you need to secure their bases. It might also help to rearrange these things so that your cat is discouraged from jumping on them to reach a certain point.

After all, cats don’t like to expend a lot of their energy. They will still look for the least exhausting way to reach their destination. They will not waste time climbing or knocking over things that will use up energy they will still need to climb down or move further about.


Trick #3 – Create a system of perches

Lastly, it is also very commendable to have more cat trees around the house. You can take it a step further and have a whole kitty condo. These offer multiple perches and offer higher elevations that would provide more comfortable climbs for your resident felines. If cat trees are too big for your house or apartment, you can consider getting a cat post instead to save space!

If you are unsure of where to best put these new climbing spots, it is highly recommended that you space them out. In contrast to other tall objects you don’t want your cat to climb, arrange them like natural pathways. For example, you could arrange them in a way that will let your cat reach their favorite corner near the ceiling. Another tried-and-true placement is anywhere that will put it in eye level with you as the owner.

Never forget that the best way to live with a cat is learning to love the instincts it is naturally born with. Curbing its climbing habit is better achieved when you actually encourage it in a non-destructive and non-invasive way!

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