You really can’t deny that these jellybean pawed critters can make you giggle or just simply go aww. Not only that they’re walking ball of fluff that meows or lazy little babies lying on their backs all day, they are magnificent creatures when they jump from a high shelf to the floor since they retain their poise and form. They are such interesting creatures indeed.


Before deciding what breed to get, you should know the perks of having a lazy furry bum around the house. This list might help you figure out why you should have cats in your life:

The purrfect sound. Cats enjoy purring, especially when they are content and happy. You usually hear them purr when they are in their comfortable position which is being a happy little ball of fur on your lap. Although it’s not always when they’re happy: they purr when they get scared or threatened like going to the vet or before a cat fight.

But they also say that purring have healing effects for humans as it actually lowers stress, strengthens bones, and decreases chances of having a heart attack! Scientific research reveal that most cat owners live longer than other people. Aside from the fact that it heals people, it also sounds comforting and loving.

Adorable cuddlers. Cats will try to cuddle with anything and everything! That’s why they make you happy when you feel down from today’s work or school. Since they are fluffy and warm, they’re the best to cuddle when it rains or simply when you just feel cold alone.

It might look like they judge you, but they actually care for you since you do provide them treats!

Strong and independent. Cats are natural predators and hunters, they are basically tough and resilient when they encounter challenges or fights. If you notice, they also fall on all fours whenever they jump from a high place. Aside from these traits, cats are actually smart since they do their business in the litterbox most of the time.

Since they basically groom themselves, they don’t really need to take baths more often. Although, a nice warm bath for them will highly be appreciated since this also calms them down. They will probably love water more if you warm their baths! You can get a pet tub for baths or you can use your own. You might even mistake them as antisocial, but they are just not as clingy as dogs.

Smaller and tidier. If you follow memes and internet gags, you will know that they are basically part liquid as they fit in boxes and any other container. They’re small as well so they less likely knock over things while exploring the house.

They are agile and graceful whenever they maneuver on tables with items on it or basically anything. But if you want to avoid scratches on your furniture, invest on a proper cat tree or cat post to satisfy their tiny claws.

Caring and loving. They are genuine and will eventually turn you as their own kin instead of an owner. They are protective creatures that will pounce on things that they believe will harm you and will definitely fight for your well-being.

You will know that they do care for you through their subtle brushing on your leg or simply licking your hand. They actually do appreciate everything you do and will be devastated when you leave them.

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