We are back, and we’re here to give you the continuation of part one! As you already know, there are a plethora of things that our beloved feline companions love to do. We’ve already mentioned 5 of them, and if you haven’t checked that one yet, we highly recommend that you do by clicking here.


We’ve already established that cats love to play with toys, regardless whether they’re the squishy, or electronic cat toys kind. They also like hunting, sleeping, scratching, basking in the sun, and being petted. But that’s not all that they love to do, and we’re here today to give you more.


Watching How the World Works

Have you ever noticed how cats seem to stand in front of windows, and longingly stare at the outside world? This is because they love to observe the world and how it works. They could be watching how different animals from outside move about, people, insects, or leaves being blown by the wind. It could also be due to their natural instincts drawing them outside. A sign that they’d want to go out there and explore the vast world with their paws.



Humans aren’t the only ones who love to eat because apparently, cats love it too! There are cats who eat, even though they’re not hungry, due to boredom. This is one of the reasons why some cats get dangerously obese. To prevent this, you can switch up their diets from time by introducing healthier treats to them. It would also help if you schedule the time that you feed them.


Climbing High Spots and Places

Cats are instinctively drawn to climb high spots and places. This innate desire doesn’t just happen to domesticated felines, but it is felt across the whole cat species, both small and large. To satisfy this urge, If you have a tree on your lawn, you can let them climb it under your supervision, to prevent them from getting into accidents. But if you live in an apartment, a multi-level perch will certainly help your cat(s) a lot.



It wouldn’t come as a surprise that cats love to play! Cats play with toys, other cats, with their humans, and other intriguing objects, regardless of how old they are. Play fighting, for example, is a great way for them to learn how to defend themselves. Playing also lets them practice their hunting skills as well. But keep in mind that although toys will help keep your cats entertained, spending time with them is still the best option.


Family Bonding

A lot would of people would often say that cats are selfish and unattached to their owners, but it’s actually the opposite. Cats are more subtle about showing their love. Often times, it could be them snuggling, or even licking you at some instances. They also leave their scents by rubbing their heads and bottom, which is where their scent glands are located. If they do this to you, or to any other person they’re close with, this means they treat you as family and as their own property (like literally).

The list is now complete and now you know more about what cats love! As you can see, they love more than just the regular mice toys, or laser dots. They love physical activities, observing, showing affection, and family bonding.

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