Cats are natural predators, and it’s best that we allow them to live out their instincts in a healthy way, right? That’s where rats, mice, and little animal-plushy toys come in. However, these toys often do not provide the live, moving stimulus that cats need. But for only $2.95, you’ll be able to give what your cat needs with this remote control mice toy.

The toy is mainly made up from plastic materials, and can run in a forward motion. It can perform backward turns as well, allowing you to tease your cat and let it make chase. Package weight is up to 100g, with a size dimension of 22 x 7.5 x 6cm. The mice toy’s power supply runs on 2, 1.5V AAA batteries.

  • PORTABLE AND DURABLE – Lightweight, easy-to-carry, and resilient to damage
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED – Use Remote to Control the Mice Toy’s Movements
  • ADORABLE VARIETY – Comes in Grey, Brown, Black and White Colors


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