Like humans, cats and dogs have feelings too. They honestly feel betrayed when abandoned in the streets or simply left alone when their original owners move out. There are times wherein a cat refuses to leave the house because they honestly believe that their original owners will come back for them. They will patiently wait by the door that will never open, excited to hear a voice that will never be heard.


Cats are endearing animals, they will mark you and show you affection as much as how you show them. They will eventually show you their love and loyalty if they feel like their feelings are reciprocated. There are also reasons why you should consider adopting instead of getting a new cat from the pet store. Check these out to know:

There are dozens of homeless cats out there. If you look hard enough, you will notice tiny critters shielding themselves from the cold in the middle of a storm or winter. They are all homeless and are struggling to survive day to day just looking for food.

Even obtaining warmth is a luxury for them, and those cats who end up in shelters gets queued up for euthanasia if they are deemed undesirable. By adopting kittens and cats in a shelter, you are giving them a second chance in life and another go for love they deserve.

Most of these cats are old and sick. Isn’t it a bit brutal to leave a cat because it’s old or has defects? They are living in such poor conditions in the center and they usually die from it or get weak.Since the allure of adopting an old cat is not as high as the kitten, they usually get scared alone in cages and stressed out mingling with other cats.

By adopting an old or a sickly cat, you might even make their lifespan stretch a bit more and even make them feel happiness and belongingness in a short while before they expire. They deserve proper care before they go somewhere they can finally rest.

Someone to come home to. Since most cats in the shelter are adults, they are actually more tame and smart than kittens. Imagine them as humans – kittens are babies that needs playing and lots of attention while an adult cat like an adult human would simply be satisfied with your cuddles and subtle pats.

They also don’t chew and scratch in random places like how kittens are as they are past that stage and are smarter with their actions. They can even curl up on your lap and somewhat hear what you have to say.

Better for kids. Since they are wiser and more mellow, they are actually better for your kiddies as they won’t get too rough during playtime. They are also have low energy levels so don’t expect them to pounce whenever the opportunity presents itself. They are also very quiet and more timid – no swinging from the chandelier and slashing curtains with their claws.

They don’t really take too much supervision and they rarely make messes as they have been taught in the past. They also cuddle with your babies and purr with contentment as well, how nice is that?

Mostly, these cats don’t choose to be abandoned – they don’t usually cause trouble and are often left confused and scared. There are even harsher instances when mama cats are separated from their kittens because they are cuter and fluffier, which is a disappointment. They deserve more love they get until they move on to the good place.

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