For eons, cats have always been there as gods, familiars, and a symbolism for femininity and grace. With their adorable jelly paws and dainty pointed doe eyes, you can’t really blame the people to view these lovely creatures as something out of a mythical world and are heaven sent. But ever since mankind discovered about getting pets, there has been a divide between people who believe the other is superior.


But more specifically, even with the ongoing war between cat-lovers and dog-lovers, they have always been a preference for single people out there. But what is the allure of these creatures that most single people choose this elegant pet as their trusty companion? Here are the reasons why they are your ideal best friends:

Loyal. While they are always out and about when you leave the door open, expect them to still come back home – even with a ‘gift’ from their adventures. Depending on how you treat your cat, they will be your loyal confidante for the rest of time and will be there for your times of need.

Cats can be affectionate creatures, but it all boils down on how you give them affection. If you come home smelling like another cat, then expect them to be distant or get anxious. It almost equates with a girlfriend smelling a different woman’s perfume on their partner.

Reciprocal. This is where Confucius’ golden rule applies: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When your cat feels neglected and abused, expect them to either avoid you or be feral when you inch towards them. Since cats are known to be a descendant of hunters, they will be extremely cautious when you are nearby.

However, if you are a passionate and loving master, expect your cat to be extra affectionate with you. Maybe reward them with a yummy cat treat when they are good to boost your relationship with them!

Perfect keeper. In all honesty, if you share your secrets and frustrations with someone else, expect it to explode back at you and eventually your deepest darkest secrets are out. But if you vent it to your cat, expect sealed lips and listening ears waiting for you. They seem like they simply don’t care, curled up on top of their cat tree and such, but they do. They can sense your emotions really well and will act upon it as well.

Maybe pour yourself a glass of wine and give your cat some cat wine as well then start your talk over how stressful your day was or how your friend bailed out on you last minute.

Great healer. Aside from the fact that their purrs actually do heal you and prevent possible illnesses, they also heal your weary heart. It can be from breakup or stress, these adorable furballs will definitely cheer you up with their heartwarming meows and kneading massages. They are also good pillows if they let you lie on their soft bellies!

They also enjoy being held and cuddled whenever they have the chance – any affection from their master is welcome. Never fail to show love for your fur babies to make them know they are valued.

Funny. Yes, they are very funny with their weird habits and random shenanigans. At some point in your life, you’d see a cat make a funny face while staring off into an unknown universe (this face is also known as a derp face). If you are even surfing online, you’d see them react strangely in different things and even make random noises when faced with a weird object.

They might be fierce hunters before, but unleash the vacuum and lasers, they will surely be a slice of relief to watch!

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