Like dogs, cats also need exercise to keep their muscles and joints in shape as they grow older. While it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get your dog to go for a walk or play fetch, cats need a different approach since they have different needs. Here are some tips on how you can get your feline friend to exercise:

First: Consider Getting Some Toys

Fortunately, there are several cat toys available for sale which are sure to get your furry pal to move around. Some of these include a feather wand, cat towers, toy mice, and a laser pointer that can entertain them for hours. If you are on a budget, you can also create some affordable DIY toys for your kitty right at home.

Next: Determine What Your Cat Likes

Many cat owners are most likely able to figure out their cat’s personality as they grow older. But as a rule of thumb, remember to keep a close watch on them during their free time. Do they enjoy jumping on counters? Do they scratch on your furniture a lot? Do they enjoy hiding in boxes? Many active cats may find cat towers, laser pointers, and feather wands entertaining. If your cat is more of a “mellow” type, interactive disk toys that test their intelligence might be their favourite!

Get Creative!

Got an agile cat? Why not make a homemade obstacle course? Try to include hurdles for them to jump over, small boxes to climb on, and tunnels to pass through as they reach their treat. This ensures that each muscle in their body is getting that active workout they deserve.

Switch it up!

Cats get easily bored so repetitive games like catching the laser dot and not letting them win can frustrate and eventually bore them. The same rule also applies in letting them “win” too soon. To keep things balance, make sure to entice them for a game first, allow them to “win” a few times before gradually making it more challenging. This will get them to put in more effort and play longer.

Provide Rewards

Catnip and other treats are great rewards for cats who just learned a new trick or managed to catch that elusive feather! However, make sure to use catnip sparingly since it can cause aggression in some cats.

Leave Toys Around

Cats are independent creatures who value their alone time. If you are out with a friend or off to work, it helps to leave a few toys around to keep your cat entertained for hours. Make sure to keep them at safe spaces to avoid any accidents.

Getting your cat to exercise is one good way to secure their health as they grow older. Like humans, cats need exercise to tone their muscles and joints as well as keep their minds sharp and active. It also provides owners a great way to bond with their feline friend while preventing obesity.

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