You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about unusual friendships being made in the animal kingdom. There was the tale of a dog that made friends with an elephant; another one was a cat and a fox, and there was even a friendship between a giraffe and an ostrich. Yes, a giraffe and an ostrich.

Although this might not be as bizarre as the giraffe-and-ostrich duo, the story we’re about to share with you today is certainly adorable. It’s the story of how Morris the cat, became friends with Champy the horse. Let’s get this show on the road!

How it All Began

Jennifer Boyle, Morris’ mom, lived in a ranch in New Southwales, Australia, that had numerous horses. Although she never planned to adopt a new cat, she came across the 9-month old Morris online, and instantly connected with him. The newly adopted cat initially felt overwhelmed by his new home, which was to be expected, considering that he had lived most of his life in the shelter.

One day, Jennifer decided to let Morris out, saying “I let Morris onto my front verandah after he’d had a few days to settle in…” as she recalls the event. A few moments passed and then Champy came into the picture. Jennifer describes it to The Dodo as “…Champy was immediately interested in him, coming up to say hello and then persisted in wanting to groom Morris. Morris had never met a horse before, and to begin with was a bit shy, but Champy wants to make friends with everyone he meets.”

The Transition from Stranger to Best Friends

Understandably, Morris was at first confused and a bit alarmed with Champy. After all, the difference in size between the two animals can be quite intimidating for any cat. However, Champy simply wouldn’t give up, and he kept on trying and trying, until Morris finally started trusting him.

According to Jennifer it took a whole week, wherein Champy would constantly groom Morris, before the cat showed trust. According to Jennifer “…Morris felt safe with him and jumped onto Champy’s back to start grooming him in return,” and that was the start of it. Now, the duo is often seen together, roaming the ranch that they both call home.

Doing Stuff Together

More often than not, the odd pair of friends does almost everything together. One of their favourite pasttime is taking a nap on the grassy fields. They also love to stroll around the ranch, with Champy foraging for some grass to snack on, and Morris standing on top of his back, surveying the wide plains. They even take water breaks together, drinking from a huge cauldron in the vicinity.

Morris and Champy’s story, along with other ones, prove that friendship clearly doesn’t have boundaries. Friendship goes beyond size, and even goes beyond a variety species. If there’s anything that Morris and Champy teaches us, it is that friendship can happen anytime and to anyone; even to the most unlikely ones.

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