From internet videos and memes to your usual household cats, it seems they have one thing in common – their love for anything that resembles a box. Place a comfy pet bed on the floor next to the box and eventually, they will love the box more than the fluffy and obviously softer bed. It makes you think as to why would your cat choose the box over some expensive seating or bed you bought for them, and you can’t seem to fathom why.


Although it’s fun to watch your cat turn completely liquid and fit in almost impossible spaces, it still quite a mystery why cats would go through all that trouble. But contrary to popular belief, cats actually has a reason why they would try to fit themselves in a tiny box. They will actually test out the “I fit, I sit” logic and will try their hardest to fit in almost any container.

The real reason is because of the instinctual behaviour in cats that never goes away even after a long time of domestication. They are always ready to pounce and attack whenever they are threatened, and it’s mostly out of their instinct. Never be offended if your cat arches its back on you after stepping on their tail – it’s their reflex and they are basically miniature hunters in your house.

The cardboard box that they usually stay in is actually a defense mechanism for them – a perfect cover and place to run into whenever they need to hide from enemies. Through the box, they feel snug and safe from possible ambush from predators that lurks around the house. Especially when you’ve just adopted a kitty, it will take a while for your furbaby to get used to the surroundings and with you. For a cat, everything is dangerous and needs their utmost attention – everything must be within their radius and their field of vision. They will be extra defensive, but they will loosen up when they get used to you.

This is the same thing with cats hiding under beds and couches – they are scared with the new environment and get nervous when they are there. They will probably attack anything that passes through them as they view this as a threat – a common thing for new felines. They are basically ninjas – they want to see everything while being in the shadows, and pounce once they think they’re discovered.

Don’t take it to heart when your kitty cat choose the box over your impressive pet bed and tree you got for them – it’s mainly because of instinct. It may seem ridiculous and hilarious for you, but it’s something they are used to and are comfortable with. Just take your time and they will eventually get used of the bed, but don’t be too surprised if they choose the box again!

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