We all know that giving our trust to other people is not that easy. We get apprehensive, and we put up defenses to keep them from getting too close for comfort. Trusting is scary because it makes us vulnerable, and it opens us up to the possibility of getting hurt.


Cats have the same apprehensions too, and they’re mostly for the same reasons as well. Our feline friends don’t just allow anyone into their lives because they don’t want to risk getting attacked (predatory instinct at play). The first thing we have to do is gain their trust, and these 5 simple ways will help you get it.

Time is a Valuable Thing

Getting them comfortable, and showing them that you mean no harm, should be your first priority. You won’t be able to gain their trust if you’re constantly aggressive with showing your affection. To them, this might look like a deliberate act of an attack, which might make them retaliate. Give them time to get used to you, and show them that you mean no harm, first.

Your Presence Should Spell the Word “Positive”

We’re not talking about the kind of positive that makes up a person’s outlook in life. What we mean is that whenever you’re around, a cat must consider your presence as a positive thing. You can do this by bringing them food, by petting them respectfully, by playing with them and by making them feel secured, whenever you visit.

Punishment is not the Answer

If your goal is to gain the trust of a cat, then you need to be kind to them. Again, the reason why cats tend to distrust other animals is because they simply want to protect themselves. Punishing them would only amplify their fear of getting hurt, so you have to be gentle. Positive reinforcement of the positive traits (actions) they do is what works best here.

Get Those Cat Toys Out Because it’s Play Time!

Playing is a form of intimate bond that cats do to their families, especially during their younger days. They use play-fight, for hunting practice, and for entertainment. Playing with them will help you build trust, as they slowly accept you as someone whom they can share this intimate bond with.

Shower them with Affection

Contrary to popular belief, cats actually crave for affection. They’re just not good at showing it because they can’t afford to show weakness. To gain their trust, shower them with affection, but only when they want to receive it. Never impose, or force them to receive it because they might misinterpret it. If you find them being sweet, then pet them and talk to them gently.

Gaining the trust of a cat takes a lot of effort and time. It takes a lot of patience and understanding as well, due to the fact that cats might come off as aloof sometimes. However, their trust is worth all the trouble, and once they give it to you, they turn to one of the sweetest creatures on Earth.

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