As old as time, the knowledge about cats and dogs not getting along is now common sense. It has been portrayed in movies and cartoons as these two would run up their heels and try to wrestle each other to the ground. In most videos, you can even see cats bullying dogs whenever they don’t get it their way. Even in owners, they even have this small feud about which animal is more huggable and lovable – something that both sides will never know.


But in this case, there is a papa dog that deserves all the love and praise when Ponzu, the golden retriever, takes a frail little kitten under his wing. Since day one, you can tell in Ponzu’s eyes the love and warmth of a parent for a child that’s not his. Blood and kind wasn’t an issue for these two, they get along like hot tea in a cold weather and cake with coffee – a perfect two that cannot be separated.

The tiny kitten named Ichimi makes an effort to show her love for her new papa – she cuddles and plays with him whenever she can. She was abandoned by her mom as a kitten and now lives with her foster humans and Ponzu. They would cuddle whenever it gets too cold or sometimes it’s Ichimi way of showing her gratitude to her foster dad.

It seems Ichimi wasn’t his first adopted kitten – he used to have some and ensured that he gives out the love they deserve. But when he met Ichimi, it was after the death of his foster kitten and was utterly devastated with that event. Ichimi brought him back the light he lost from his eyes – the light and warmth of happiness and love. He even cleans the kitten whenever needed! Talk about unconditional parental love.



Ichimi grew up as a fine feline – but this doesn’t get in the way of their cuddles and hugs. They still do a lot of things together and play with each other. But compared before, Ponzu gets more tired during playtime and eventually Ichimi have to play alone. But aside from that, they pretty much enjoy each other’s company and won’t be separated anytime soon.

They might be your unusual pair but they are the best of friends and are family. They love each other and they deserve all the attention and praise in the world! Like how it is for people – cats also recognise their saviour and parental presence. Even if they don’t always interact, they will long for their part of the family and would forever be in their hearts. They won’t express it though words, but they will lovingly show it to you.

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