Yoga has been the best way to release stress and become one with your mind, and it has then become a great exercise to promote good blood flow and as well as flexibility. For cat owners, it has been a challenging decision to choose between going out and do yoga or do it at home. In most cases, these owners get lazy and simply just roll on the bed after a day’s work.

Cuddling with cats and doing yoga are really calming and de-stressing activities for the average employee. The amount of stress and work from the day can be carried on to the house and will leave you drained and urge you to do unhealthy activities – such as stress eating. It won’t do you favours if you simply indulge with what you want and completely ignoring what you need to do. But if it’s the matter of either cuddling with your cat until the stress goes away or using yoga, then there’s a really good solution for you – if you live in the United States.

In the Good Mews cat shelter in New York, San Francisco, and Alabama, you can be with lovely cats while doing yoga! This unique yoga class inspires you to do yoga with other cats – and they will cheer you on if you get too tired. They love cuddling with you and simply laze around while you do your yoga poses. These furry babies love to do their yoga poses too, and they sometimes join you in your mats to do their own special yoga.

Some women are actually happier in these yoga classes as they play with the cats with dangling fuzzy toys when their poses let them. The kitty antics actually help uplift the mood in the yoga class even with the special poses that helps relax your body. It’s also an adorable distraction if you feel your body shaking from unusual poses and the muscle pains crawling in. Aside from the good effect of cats to yoga classes, these classes also make the cats more sociable and feel loved. They give and take attention and it helps them hone skills to be ready to be adopted in the future.

The studio itself is brightly lit and welcoming, filled with cat toys and trees for the cheerleaders for your yoga session. There is, however, a fee for this class – and it goes to the current shelter wherein the cats wait for their future owners. Aside from that, it also helps cats with special needs to get the care they need, even after they left the shelter. This yoga class was also a brilliant idea by Lisa Bass wherein it promotes the furry babies in a fun way and hopefully get them adopted.

In this current day and age, the amount of homeless stray cats are rising and they usually go to the shelter. It might be hard to tell but they do get sad when they feel neglected and alone, meaning it shortens their lifespan. It’s always a good idea to adopt cats instead of buying one from the pet store. Get the best cat collar and kitty toys for these loving cats who deserves all your love!

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