If you use a lot of social media like Facebook, you might know about this lovable fat cat with the greyish fur and the tail rings named Pusheen. Pusheen has then appeared in numerous things like stuffed toys, keychains, pillows, and more! It’s not really hard to see as to why Pusheen soared to popularity within a short while, it’s adorable and some would even go as far as saying it’s relatable.

If you don’t know about it already, Pusheen started as a character on 2010 in its own mini series made by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. She had a unique and fun personality – an undying love for baked goods, partying, and being lazy. Belton decided to do more for her character and then started her very own Tumblr page wherein its popularity rose to over 10,000 followers – within mere weeks!

Pusheen’s popularity never stopped growing, she garnered lots of fans and even went as far as making Pusheen themed goodies that they would eventually show off to Belton. Then the fans doubled when Facebook contacted Belton on 2013 about making Pusheen into digital stickers – admit it, you like using Pusheen to express your emotions online – wherein people used Pusheen over 10 million times a day!

Popularity never stopped for Pusheen, every gimmick they do made her gain more fans and eventually adding millions to the people who already like her! The offers never stopped – a renowned 118 year-old toy manufacturer named Gund eventually noticed the rising popularity of the chubby and bubbly cat.

Gund then released adorable plushies of Pusheen and has become a staple for every Pusheen fan all over the world. They started with the adorable plushies, slowly going for fluffy keychains with loads of different designs. What’s more, they have an entire series of Pusheen holding food – no wonder she is relatable to most people!

Barnes & Noble along with H&M created their own Pusheen trend as well – making the original Pusheen fans happier. It seems even the people who doesn’t know about Pusheen seem to grow to like the animated cat. From stickers to loads of fan arts, it’s hard to say that Pusheen’s old age causes the decline of its popularity – it still has loads of collaborations that pleases the fans and cute enthusiasts around the globe.

Aside from the technicality of Pusheen’s fame, it’s sure as day as to why this chubby cat is famous. The creators made her relatable to most of the things people and young ones do as well as created her to be adorable and cute as well. Overall, it might even follow the footsteps of the most iconic cat symbol – Hello Kitty – and eventually become a timeless mascot.

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